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This is Me

I started podcasting because I had a few things I was Passionate about. Music Technology and culture. That has always been the underlying theme of all my work. Both as an entrepreneur and professional. Passion has always been my driving force.

I wanted to contribute bodies of work in this space that would influence movement and inspire freedom. Our objective is to expose people to various cultures in the diaspora through music, conversation and technology.

Primarily this podcast is for mature adults 30 plus heading into the management (executive management) or entrepreneurial stage of life. They are people guarded with authority  and or vision to lead by example.
While I imagined the content  would attract both females and males the content seems to skew more towards male listeners.  The average listener  has household responsibilities that may extend to family, marriage and home ownership. They have resided in urban communities and have transitioned to more suburban or rural areas. Many of our younger users are interested in travel while or more seasoned listeners travel quite a bit both domestically and internationally. The one thing across the board,  this content is created for consumption by black users and is about the black culture and experiences globally.

 I told you I was passionate about a few things.But what I didn’t tell you is that I am a creative. From the concept to  execution I see ideas and empty spaces as a canvas of potential. In my pervious employment cycles I help develop, managed and delivered media content, events and products to small groups and millions alike with the power of robust budgets and skilled teams of professionals.

While today’s Title is “This is me”, This is not about me! It’s about Inspired Freedom, Hope, the story of Us, Black & Brown People, our influences on commerce, culture and in many cases politics or law.
 Today I want to talk to you about Distinctive Impression MMG, its subsidiaries and break out brands. Under this umbrella of multimedia  we are able to the help others fuel their passion, realize their visions, explore various cultures and build a business inspired by freedom in a fast pace tech world.

2018 presented us with a uquine opportunity to reposition our business as our servers were compromised by a natural disaster and our content was obliterated into obscurity.
 At the point we  lost 12 years of work. Videos, event coverage, historical moments and cultural milestones all vaporized. But, we gained an opportunity to Diversify and build a better brand and ultimately a more responsive business.


Podcast Disclaimer 00:01:26
Iwer, Travis & KMC – One Wish(Master) 00:01:32
Signal x Benje x Gunz – Know Ya Body (Spacephone Riddim) Riddim & Vibez 00:02:26
Slow Whine 00:02:19
Give Me The Road 00:02:56
Last One 00:03:17
Bunji Garlin – Heart Of The People 2021 Soca 00:02:27
Sekon Sta x DJ Private Ryan – Dubai (Sweet Tooth Symphony) 2021 Soca 00:01:42
Hey Choppi x DJ Private Ryan – It Don’t Matter (Sweet Tooth Symphony) 2021 Soca 00:01:38
Andre J Donawa x DJ Private Ryan (Sweet Tooth Symphony) 2021 Soca 00:01:54
Erphaan Alves x DJ Private Ryan – So Sweet (Sweet Tooth Symphony) 2021 Soca 00:02:42
Wine Pon Live 00:01:47
No Money Making 00:01:41
All of You 00:01:40
Worry Less 00:00:58
One Dance 00:01:35
Kerlz – Nothing To Do With Love (Maracas Riddim) 2021 Soca 00:02:16
Orlando Octave – A Good Woman (Maracas Riddim) 2021 Soca 00:01:40
Hey Choppi – Sidung (Tender Touch Riddim) 2021 Soca AdvoKit Productions x Julianspromos 00:01:40
Nailah Blackman – Trouble Wine (Tender Touch Riddim) 2021 Soca AdvoKit Prod x Julianspromos 00:01:18
Nailah Blackman – Trouble Wine (Tender Touch Riddim) 2021 Soca AdvoKit Prod x Julianspromos 00:00:54
Olatunji – Angel (Tender Touch Riddim) 2021 Soca AdvoKit Productions x Julianspromos 00:01:41
Patrice Roberts – Tender (Tender Touch Riddim) 2021 Soca AdvoKit Prod x Julianspromos
Tender Touch Riddim (Instrumental) [

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