Inside the Festival ITF_05 Soca Addiction

DJ Fresh International follows in the footsteps of the likes of DR. Jay the Soca Prince, Private Ryan and Internationa Stephen by adding the title to promoter to his portfolio. PlayMas.Today goes inside the festival to discover Soca Addiction.

Inside the Festival – BWF 9 Annual Grill Master itf 04

Bahamas Carnival season is amongst us, but we had to take a quick break for FOOD PORN. Enjoy this episode of Inside the Festival with BWF 9th Annual Grill Master Competition.

Inside The Festival Episode 3 – Kalik Light Platinum Presents #OneMas

On Friday, April 6 Kalik Light Platinum hosted its presentation of #OneMas Bahamas Carnival 2018 as the official Beer of Carnival. Take a look “Inside the Festival” with our team.

Inside the Fest -ITF2 Twisted Cooler Fete

Join us “Inside the Festival” for episode two featuring Dyson & Wendi Knight, Marzville and International Stephan

Bahamas Carnival – All Day Fete

Legal Drinking Age in the Bahamas is 18

All you can drink RUM **ONLY** All Day  Noon-Midnight Enjoy a day in the Bahamas with great music, native drinks and down-home cooking. 12 of the best DJs from the Bahamas and around the Caribbean, not to mention a rush of energy with the sounds of native Junkanoo. Plus live performances Join us for a day of celebration during the “All Day Fete“.

Bahamas Carnival weekend Friday, May 4th

Inside the Festival – DJ Private Ryan

International DJ and Promoter Private Ryan stops Inside the Festival to share his unique take on the growth of Soca music.

Inside the Festival interview series is an in-depth look at #BahamasCarnival and Carnival related products.

Inside the Festival – DJ Ignite

The first episode of Inside the Festival airs on PlayMas.Today on March 30. Here is a quick look Inside the Festival with DJ Ignite as he talks DJing and Branding. Inside the festival is an interview-driven series produced by PlayMas.Today to highlight the growth of Bahamas Carnival and the various products and events built around the concept.

Inside the Festival – Alpha Sounds

Everyone has been guessing as to what would be the fate of Bahamas Carnival 2018 with no government support. Promoter Trevor Davis aka Alpha Sounds sheds a little light on the topic. Find out what’s in store for Bahamas Carnival 2018 “Inside the Festival”. Episode 2 airs April 5

Inside the festival is an interview-driven series produced by PlayMas.Today to highlight the growth of Bahamas Carnival and the various products and events built around the concept.

Inside the Festival _01 – GVS 3rd Annual Birthday Pump

Welcome inside the festival (#ITF). During this episode, we feature GVS 3rd Annual Birthday Pump supporting Colen Cancer. The event is spearheaded by George and Virginia also known as GVS.  This event was held on Saturday, March 17 at Philosophy Steakhouse in Nassau, Bahamas on the western end of the island.

Check out episode one of Inside the Festival featuring GVS, DJ Ovadose, DJ Ignite, DJ Private Ryan and DJ Tilt.

Bahamas Carnival May 3-7

Start planning your May 4-7 Bahamas Carnival experience now with PlayMas.Today, Fresh Entertainment and some of the biggest names in the Caribbean. Join world-class DJs May 4 -7 for non-stop action. Visit PlayMas.Today, that’s PlayMas.Today and start your plans for an experience of a lifetime. Book early! The pumping starts may 4 at midnight (12am). We advise you to get book your flight for May 3, so you don’t miss a beat!

Bahamas Carnival May 4-7 2018

#LOL30 Exclusive: Giselle The Wassi One speaks with Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin, and Fay Ann Lyons

We have heard the story so many time summarized by others. Everyone has their version as to how Bunji Garlin and Machel Montano ended up doing a collaboration that shocked the Soca scene. Carnival Sunday Machel Montano joined Bunji Garlin and Fay- Ann Lyons on stage for a surprise performance of “Buss Head” during the Kairi People’s annual Breakfast is all inclusive.
The receptive crowd cheered in anticipation as Machel shared the stage with his once rival.

How did we come to this point?
How is it that during the 2017 Trinidad Carnival season both Bunji and Machel had been popping up on each other’s sets? Was this just publicity or did they really bury the hatched? What even caused the initial riff?

As a conduit between the music and the culture, Giselle The Wassi One had an opportunity to speak with the collective after the high energy ” Breakfast Is” performance. Being a long time friend of both families and God Sister to Fay – Ann Lyons, the conversations flowed naturally. At one point, they completely forgot about the cameras and got comfortable.

This is the “Life Of a Legend”, the power of time, relationships, passion, and commitment. As we continue on this journey discovering Caribbean culture, music, and heritage through carnival we will witness the impact that The Wassi One has had on entertainment and entertainers across the Caribbean and Caribbean communities.

More than music, witness the candidness of the conversations and how freely these very private artists share their stories and experiences. Watch as The Wassi One uncovers the story of “Buss Head”.

Join the #LOL30 Carnival Tour and Documentary trail as a sponsor or press affiliate.

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Why Life Of a Legend?

One of the most unifying events and cultural and creative extravaganza, which is celebrated in the Caribbean region is Carnival. For three decades Giselle The Wassi One has invested her time to the promotion of Caribbean Culture through Carnival. Carnival finds its social and historic origin in the region and is an expression of culture that encapsulates music, dance, costumes, pageantry, and performance. While Carnival is celebrated in various styles and with slightly different names throughout the Greater Caribbean, there is one common interest: the manifestation of a cultural pluralism amongst its participants.…

The strength and appeal of cultural events and festivals as an essential component of the tourism product of a country should not be overlooked. In this regard, the multi-dimensional nature of ‘Carnival’ provides one of the most direct and tangible opportunities for travelers to see and also engage in various aspects of the local culture.

Tourism and culture enjoy a highly symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship.

Culture in its many forms and expressions functions as tourist sites and attractions, which can be both educational as well as entertaining to visitors. Tourism, in turn, has proven to add value by serving as one of the main driving forces to preserve and strengthen indigenous cultural identity, while at the same time making a positive contribution to social and economic development.

UberSoca Cruise #VideoRecap I Like It – Patrice Roberts & Kes

Kes & Patrice Roberts share their single with Uber Soca Cruise supporters during the all-white party, poolside.

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