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#Recap Bahamas Carnival Season Feb 27 -29

It’s a leap year. That means we have an extra day in the year to enjoy the beauty of life. Bahamas Carnival is currently in full force. Here is a visual recap of the weekend starting with Reckless Pirates Costume Launch of Forbidden Secrets Fri. Feb. 27, K.O Productions 4th annual Mardi Gras held at Club Waterloo & Return Fete hosted by King Alpha Sounds.


Reckless Pirates

While I am a little reluctant to talk write about my experience at the Costume Lanch I feel compelled as a journalist to share the experience. I mean it is no secret. Please know that more options do not come from a place of malice but truth.

Soundoff Podcast

Photo Recap Weekend Events

Mardi Gras 4 by K.O Production

Return Fete by Alpha Sounds

Phat Saturday Hurricane Dorian Cypha (Visuals)

Phat Saturday Cypha delivers a tribute to the survivors of Hurricane Dorian and a nation impacted by its aftermath.

Going Down on Bay Julien Believe (Bahamas)

Julien Believe and Angelique Sabrina deliver vibrant visuals for their 2018 release of “Going Down on Bay”. The Junkanoo heavy song has a pop feel that makes it palatable for mainstream consumption. However, if the Junkanoo drums don’t get you the video will definitely capture your attention.

From a cultural perspective, the video captures the nuances that make Bahamian Junkanoo unique. Just in time for the holiday season “Going Down on Bay” is the perfect marketing tool for the Bahamas’ biggest cultural event of the year. Enjoy the video and meet us down on Bay Dec. 26 and Jan. 1 for Junkanoo in Nassau, Bahamas.

Jamal Rolle paints a masterpiece live at the Julien Believe video release party for going down on bay. Bahamas

Painting of Bahamian Music Icon Ronnie Butler

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Bhamas Carnival 2018 – Inside the Festival 6

A comprehensive recap of Bahamas Carnival 2018 featuring so of it’s stand out moments events and performances. Part one of 2.

Visit PlayMas.Today for the entire series.

South Carolina Carnival #LOL Series Episode 1

#PlayMas #SouthCarolina
Looking forward to seeing what’s next for #SouthCaroliaCarnival 2019.
#lifeOfaLegend the continuation of a legacy. Revisit the Carnivals of 2017 with @TheWassiOne to see their growth.
We return to South Carolina during South Carolina Carnival June 7-10.

The Lime Tour Atlanta Carnival

The Lime | Carnival Tour

Promoting the Bahamas Worldwide. Travel with us as we introduce the world to Bahamian talent inclusive of DJs, dancers and performers. Discover Bahamian acts as we capture them on the world stage. Explore new markets as we promote Bahamas Carnival and the energy that we bring to the Caribbean diaspora.
We invite you to share this moment with your friends. Leave your comments and post on social media.
The Lime Tour Atlanta is sponsored in part by Island Gases & Bahamas Masqueraders. Don’t miss Bahamas Carnival 2019 May 3-5. Book your tickets for May 2 so you don’t miss out on any of the Action.
Friday, May 3 is the PlayMas.Today Insomniac All Day Fete

Inside the Festival ITF_05 Soca Addiction

DJ Fresh International follows in the footsteps of the likes of DR. Jay the Soca Prince, Private Ryan and Internationa Stephen by adding the title to promoter to his portfolio. PlayMas.Today goes inside the festival to discover Soca Addiction.

Inside the Festival – BWF 9 Annual Grill Master itf 04

Bahamas Carnival season is amongst us, but we had to take a quick break for FOOD PORN. Enjoy this episode of Inside the Festival with BWF 9th Annual Grill Master Competition.

Inside The Festival Episode 3 – Kalik Light Platinum Presents #OneMas

On Friday, April 6 Kalik Light Platinum hosted its presentation of #OneMas Bahamas Carnival 2018 as the official Beer of Carnival. Take a look “Inside the Festival” with our team.

Inside the Fest -ITF2 Twisted Cooler Fete

Join us “Inside the Festival” for episode two featuring Dyson & Wendi Knight, Marzville and International Stephan

Bahamas Carnival – All Day Fete

Legal Drinking Age in the Bahamas is 18

All you can drink RUM **ONLY** All Day  Noon-Midnight Enjoy a day in the Bahamas with great music, native drinks and down-home cooking. 12 of the best DJs from the Bahamas and around the Caribbean, not to mention a rush of energy with the sounds of native Junkanoo. Plus live performances Join us for a day of celebration during the “All Day Fete“.

Bahamas Carnival weekend Friday, May 4th

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