Caribbean Carnival

#PhotoRecap South Carolina Carnival

South Carolina Carnival is growing in popularity and is well on its way to being a major success. A small Carnival with lots of vibes.

Here is a photo recap of the June 7- 10 weekend.

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A Festival Driven by the “MUSIC” that represents the vivacious heart beat of the people.

The “FOOD” characterizes our diverse medley of race and color, seasoned with the spirited foundation of multiple “CULTURES”.

Founded in 2014, South Carolina Carnival has been involved with the fresh winds of innovation and change within the community at large. In keeping with the Mission of our many programs, and is dedicated to bringing safe, enjoyable, family-style festivals to Columbia and surrounding areas.

The vision and purpose of SCC is to provide a memorable culturally blended experience to the Carolina’s and beyond.

#PhotoRecap Bahamas Carnival

Bahamas Carnival 2018 was a great experience. The growing carnival attracted thousands of  International guest from around the world.

#PlayMas covers the #LifeofaLegend 30 carnival tour

Life of a Legend 30 carnival tour and documentary by Giselle the Wassi One
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30 years of Wassi a story depicted in 30 carnivals experiences around the world.  This is the Life Of a Legend! Explore the passion, discover the emotion, experience the energy  and share in the action. Over the course of thirty carnivals, Giselle the Wassi One gives you a sneak peak into her world as a DJ, promoter, Brand Ambassador, influencer, and friend. 

#LOL30 Tour Recap

Join PlayMas.Today for #TheLime Carnival Chaser Tour 2018. Caribbean Carnival.

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