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Faith in the process and belief in your strength or talents.  We all have those moments where we see the brick walls and no way around it. Thank God for music and the energy it gives us to face another day of trials.  Dis is Soca. Enjoy the mix share the energy and tip the DJ.

If you’re in the Bahamas stop by Prime Time Lounge on a Thursday and experience the Soca Hour.

Playlist – Dis is Soca

Lyrikal_x_Kerwin_Du_Bois_-_Team_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:03:47
Touchdown (Remix) “2018 Soca” 00:04:25
Machel_Montano_-_Come_For_It_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:01:29
Bunji_Garlin_-_The_Fence_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:01:32
RudyLive_-_Push_It_Refix_2019_Soca 00:01:38
Glory (Official Audio) “2018 Soca” (Trinidad) 00:02:02
UNACCEPTABLE (2018 SOCA) [Official Release] [HD] 00:02:37
GBM Nutron – Vibes Up (Link Up Riddim) _2018 Soca_ 00:02:23
Swappi_Ultimate_Rejects_-_Party_Start_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:01:58
Vybz Overload (Magnum 500 Riddim) “2018 Soca” (Crop Over) 00:01:28
Skinny_Fabulous_-_Bounce_Lost_and_Found_Riddim_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:00:58
Ricardo_Drue_x_Salty_-_Bend_Down_Lost_and_Found_Riddim_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:01:46
Sedale_x_Freezy_-_Name_Brand_Lost_and_Found_Riddim_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:02:25
Trinidad Ghost – Bubble and Dip (Whistle & Drums Riddim) -2017 Soca- (Barbados Crop Over) 00:01:49
Swappi – Beng Beng (Ginga Riddim) -2018 Soca 00:01:25
Scrilla – Wood (Whistle & Drum Riddim) 00:01:49
Ricardo Drue and Crazy – Spoilers (Spoilers Riddim) (2018 SOCA) 00:02:14
Tombstone {Soca 2018}{Grenada} 00:02:32
Freezy – Show Me You Have It (Round Bumpa Riddim) 2018 Soca (St Lucia) 00:01:52
Jab Is My Job “2018 Soca) (Official Audio) 00:01:42
LMA Main benje 00:01:50
Freezy – Badang! (Ginga Riddim) -2018 Soca- [NMG Music] 00:01:34
Trinidad Ghost – Sugar Cane 00:01:49
No Glass (Glass Back Riddim) “2018 Soca” (Crop Over) 00:02:12
Bring De Bam Bam (Nelson Street Riddim) “2018 Soca” (Barbados) 00:01:36
Backup (Fire Torch Riddim) [2018 Soca] [HD] 00:01:28
Fiery (Fire Torch Riddim) [2018 Soca] [HD] 00:02:14
Phone Ah Ring (Fire Torch Riddim) “2018 Soca” (Crop Over) 00:02:16
Attitude – Wendi (Bahamas Soca 2018) 00:01:48
Just Vibes – Dyson Knight (Bahamas Soca 2018) 00:01:34
What Is That “2018 Soca” (Official Audio) 00:01:53
Madness Again “Shell Down” (Fire Torch Riddim) [2018 Soca] [HD] 00:02:13
Funky Business (Vincy Soca) 2018 Stinger Riddim 00:01:36
Patrice_Roberts_-_Bumper_Avenger_Novation_Riddim_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:01:47
Menace_aka_M1_-_Come_For_De_Wuk_Novation_Riddim_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:00:23
Menace_aka_M1_-_Come_For_De_Wuk_Novation_Riddim_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:01:34
T-Rock_x_Hardware_x_Simone_Pipe_-_Wining_Pro_Novation_Riddim_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:01:21
Dev_-_Somebody_Novation_Riddim_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:01:30
Dev_-_Somebody_Novation_Riddim_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:02:01
Skinny Fabulous – Spread Out (Spread Out Riddim) _2018 Soca_ [Walshy Fire & S.J. Music] 00:02:13
Skinny Fabulous – Spread Out (Spread Out Riddim) _2018 Soca_ [Walshy Fire & S.J. Music] 00:01:34
Stiffy – No Behavior (Spread Out Riddim) _2018 Soca_ [Walshy Fire & S.J. Music] 00:00:59
Masicka – Balance (Spread Out Riddim) _2018 Soca_ [Walshy Fire & S.J. Music] 00:01:24
01Passing Tru_(Lyrikal) 00:01:27
Gaulin Riddim Instrumental 00:01:07
Leave Them Talking 00:01:35
Cuz a da Wine 00:01:43
Jouvert Morning 00:01:15
In De Bacchanal 00:01:23
Benje Rum Rum Rum Final Master 00:01:35
Doh Judge Meh 00:01:43
Lyrikal – One Shot (Flambeau Riddim) _2018 Soca_ (Trinidad) 00:01:57
Nadia Batson – Everybody Knows (Flambeau Riddim) _2018 Soca_ (Trinidad) 00:02:02
Mical_Teja_-_See_U_Dancing_Creole_Riddim_2019_Soca_Prod.by_Mical_Teja 00:01:34
Olatunji_-_Sweetest_Gifts_Creole_Riddim_2019_Soca_Prod.by_Mical_Teja 00:01:36
Wine After Wine (Lyric Video) “2018 Soca” (Barbados) 00:01:44
Teddy Rhymez x Patrice Roberts – I’m Good -2018 Soca- (Precision Productions) 00:01:37
Shal_Marshall_-_Movements_Planet_Love_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:23
Problem_Child_-_Bold_Face_Planet_Love_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:35
Patrice_Roberts_Shenseea_-_Night_Day_Planet_Love_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:02:11
My Team (Bottle Top Riddim) [2018 Soca] [HD] 00:01:38
Ricardo_Drue_-_My_Kinda_Party_Badang_Riddim_2019_Soca_prod._by_Keshav_Rakka 00:01:46
Olatunji_-_Oh_Me_Oh_My_Badang_Riddim_2019_Soca_prod._by_Keshav_Rakka 00:01:12
Machel_Montano_-_Brace_Up_Badang_Riddim_2019_Soca_prod._by_Keshav_Rakka 00:01:01
MX_Prime_-_Seek_and_Find_Badang_Riddim_2019_Soca_prod._by_Keshav_Rakka 00:02:57
Big Bad Soca ft shesha 00:05:35

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