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Thinking about podcasting?

Why do it alone?

Currently, Google has indexed more than two million podcasts. Your voice will be stronger if you join a network. Today, reserve your spot on Discover Music Channel’s syndicated podcast.

Discover Music Channel was established to aid in the development of urban, Caribbean, and Caribbean-American content creators, podcasters, and artists as they expand into new markets while remaining authentic to their identity, history, and mission.

Discover Music Channel is a product of PlayMas.Today an Africa Allah Multimedia Group Company.

All podcasters must sign producer contract and NDA

Research indicates that people listen to an average of four hours of audio each day. Brands are investing into studios that output content, videos and podcasts. What often gets skipped in discussions about podcasts is the distribution & syndication of the content.

Podcast syndication is the manner in which a podcast show gets new podcast episodes to destinations. It helps to think of podcast syndication like television show syndication. … RSS feeds “push” changes automatically as they are made, such as uploading new episode of a podcast.

Why Podcast?

As high as 70% of the US population are ‘familiar’ with the ‘podcasting’ term. That’s roughly 329 million people.

165 Million People in the US Have Listened to a Podcast

51% of the US population (approx. 165 million people) have listened to a podcast.

32% Americans are Monthly Podcast Listeners

32% (approx. 150 million people) listen to podcasts at least once a month (though many listen to one podcast or another much more frequently than that).

22% American People Listen to Podcasts Weekly

22% of Americans (approx. 103 million people) are weekly podcast listeners (i.e. listen to podcasts at least once a week).

Podcasting Spans Over 100 Languages Worldwide

Podcasting as a whole has been growing rapidly, and as a media format, it now spans over 100 different languages across the world.

Young People (18-44 Yrs) Make Up 67% of the Podcast Audience

Podcasting is way more popular among young people, with 67% of the total podcasting audience being between 18 to 44 years old.

Podcasts Attract Wealthier & Educated People More

It also attracts the educated and relatively wealthier sections of the society more. In fact, it’s 45% more likely for a podcast listener to have a college degree, and 68% more likely to have a post-graduate degree. They are also much more likely to be HNIs (high net-worth individuals), with them having a 45% more likelihood of having a net household income of over $250,000, which is a quarter-million dollars, annually!

Podcast Statistics Infographic by
Infographic by:

Now, let’s take a look at a few more podcast stats that didn’t make it through to the infographic.

  • Smartphones are driving podcast consumption by demonstrating an 157% increase in usage for podcast consumption since 2014, compared to marginal increases in case of PCs, tablets, and laptops.
  • 35% podcast consumers listen to an entire episode, 45% listen to most of an episode, and only 12% listen to less than half of a podcast episode.
  • Podcast listeners spend an average of 6 hours and 37 minutes listening to podcasts every week. 16% listen to less than one hour of podcasts, and 25% listen between 1 to 3 hours of podcast content every week.
  • Podcast listeners’ share of time spent listening to audio sources: 33% podcasts, 25% FM/AM radio, 15% owned music, 14% streamed music/audio, 5% TV music channels, and 8% others.
  • 77% of podcast consumers prefer to click on a podcast and listen immediately. 41% of them prefer to download podcast episodes manually and listen later. 27% of them prefer to subscribe to a podcast to download automatically to listen later.
  • 65% of monthly podcast listeners have been listening to podcasts for less than 3 years.
  • At 64%, right now more people know what a podcast is than knowing who the vice-president is (40%).
  • From 2017 to 2018, podcast listening growth jumped 14% among women while the growth remained almost flat for men.
  • Podcast listeners listen to an average of 7 shows per week, which is up 40% since 2017.
  • There are currently more than two million podcasts currently indexed on Google.
  • Podcast ad revenue is expected to reach $1.6 billion by 2022.
  • 61.2% of podcast listeners spend more time every week listening to podcasts than they are watching TV.



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