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In an effort to offer you content that you love and enjoy while supporting the  creatives and artists that make it all possible. We encourage you to become a Super Supporter for access to site based content. As a Super Supporter you will have exclusive access to live, on-demand and customized products created for supporters like you.

Our Cutting Room Floor subscription gives you access to all original videos, BTS and destination event B -Roll


Why should I subscribe?

For  a little less than 17 years, DistinctiveImpression MMG has maintained a site similar to Soundcloud. This platform now  holds over 6K audio files equaling an average of 125mb each.  Just so you understand the value of this product, here is a brief reference.

If you want to develop the best audio streaming website like Soundcloud with the basic features, it will cost you around $60,000 to $80,000. And with advanced features on your music website, it will cost you between $85,000 to $160,000.

Operation on a macro scale, such as Discover Music Channel by PLayMas.Today still requires a sizeable investment.  Platforms such as Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube music and so on  offset their costs with subscriptions and advertising.

Like many platforms, we support the growth and promotion of content producers. Our objective as a platform is to offer a historical archive of audio content relating to the Urban and Caribbean communities globally without bias.

We currently offer streaming and archived products for a minimum of $3 a month. Our original video content is offered at $7 a month with access to all new media products. This pricing allows us to continue to offer quality products, source relevant content producers and compete in an over-saturated market.

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