Junkanoo Fest 2022 #PhotoRecap + Video

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Junkanoo Fest got on its way in Miami Gardens, FL with a late start on Friday July 28, 2022. The event featured music by DJ Express, Bahamian Rake N Scrape artist Sweet Emily, a series of presentations, a word from the first lady of the Bahamas, Mrs Ann Marie Davis, and an interactive Junkanoo rush out. 2022 kicks off a long overdue rise of a showing of appreciation and acknowledgement for the original Caribbean community in South Florida the Bahamian community. The Bahamian community has provided so much in terms of culture, intelligence, music, education and much more. One one of the brightest and most powerful contributions that the country made of 700 islands has given the world is Junkanoo. Junkanoo is the sound of freedom! Junkanoo represents the enduring culture that Africans brought to the Bahamas. Emancipation holiday weekend the producers of Junkanoo Fest celebrate Bahamian Influence and culture in South FL with assistance from a delegation from the Atlanta and the Bahamas.  Junkanoo traditionally has been a celebration of freedom, upliftment & the expression of jubilation felt by the enslaved Africans. This tribal significance transformed into a culture that has been passed down to the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands and had a significant impact on the shaping of the local culture. This celebration follows on the heels of Miami designating part of Coconut Grove as ‘Little Bahamas’ to honor the area’s history. Miami’s oldest neighborhood, the “Little Bahamas of Coconut Grove,” is a recognition of the historically Black enclave settled by Bahamians in the 19th century even before Miami was incorporated as a city. The Junkanoo Fest represents the authentic soul of the Bahamas.



July 29, 2022

Vendors, Stage and Rush Out

Weekend Photo & Video credits Agency.PlayMas.Today (Africa Allah & H.Q Willis “Major” [Major Vision Productions])

July 30, 2022

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