Inside the Festival

Bhamas Carnival 2018 – Inside the Festival 6

A comprehensive recap of Bahamas Carnival 2018 featuring so of it’s stand out moments events and performances. Part one of 2.

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Inside the Fest -ITF2 Twisted Cooler Fete

Join us “Inside the Festival” for episode two featuring Dyson & Wendi Knight, Marzville and International Stephan

Inside the Festival – Alpha Sounds

Everyone has been guessing as to what would be the fate of Bahamas Carnival 2018 with no government support. Promoter Trevor Davis aka Alpha Sounds sheds a little light on the topic. Find out what’s in store for Bahamas Carnival 2018 “Inside the Festival”. Episode 2 airs April 5

Inside the festival is an interview-driven series produced by PlayMas.Today to highlight the growth of Bahamas Carnival and the various products and events built around the concept.

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