From Haiti to Hope: Josias & Aroulio

Haiti is a country that has been under fire for many years. The people of Haiti have had to face economic recession, political impasses and unprecedented levels of gang violence. This has made life in the country an unbearable struggle for survival.
Josias is just one example of the plight faced by Haitians every day. He is a 25 year old man who must take care of his 71 year old father Aroulio who suffers from heart problems and other respiratory illnesses. Josias must make trips to the market which can be dangerous due to all the violence in Haiti, making it almost like a suicide mission each time he goes out into public areas alone or with his father.
The only hope Josias sees for himself and his family’s future lies outside their homeland; they are seeking support so they can move themselves and Aroulio across borders into safety in the Dominican Republic, where perhaps there will be more opportunity available for them both financially as well as emotionally with less fear about their safety on a daily basis. It would take tremendous courage but also great financial resources that Josia does not currently possess, yet this may be their only chance at having some semblance of normalcy back into their lives again.

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