Thanksgiving | Afrobeat vs Soca vs Reggae

Personal Pull Up Mix

Soca fusion mix featuring Bahamian artists.

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Have an authentic taste of the Bahamas!

Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021 the Blue Marlin Bistro invites you for a night of entertainment and Bahamian Cuisine. Experience the sounds of DJ Swagga & Kursty Whella + Bahamas very own Mixtress Africa Allah of the #BTeamDJs & MC Tino Caribbean. Explore the sounds of the diaspora and enjoy the down home feel of Rake n Scrape, Junkanoo and Soca Fusion.

  • Sat. Nov 27, 2021
  • 8pm EST
  • The Blue Marline Bistro
  • 5495 Old National HWY Ste B15 Atlanta, GA 30349

Full Menu available all night.

Bahamian Sky Juice “Gully Wash” on Sale

Bring your flags and represent your country.


SOMEBODY GOT YA                                                                       00:03:17     
Da Gaulin Song                                                                        00:02:01     
Rocka My Cherry                                                                       00:02:46     
Dyson Knight - Every Gal - Soca 2015                                                  00:02:17     
Flip It                                                                               00:01:30     
Do It (Bad Like We)                                                                   00:01:08     
John Wick                                                                             00:00:44     
Ms Patience                                                                           00:01:16     
Merzy x Guff Nuff - Stick Out Ya Tongue (Jumbie Twitch Riddim)                        00:01:13     
Merzy x Simbaarley x Klee - Ain't Stopping us (Jumbie Twitch Riddim)                  00:01:38     
ALLEZ (GO) - Problem Child (Walpa Riddim) ' 2021 Dennery Bouyon '                     00:01:58     
PASS ME STRAIGHT - Ezra (Walpa Riddim) ' 2021 Dennery Bouyon '                        00:01:42     
1Q 2Q (Alot Of Q) - Motto & Dj Fire Strypz (Walpa Riddim) ' 2021 Dennery Bouyon '     00:02:34     
Konshens - She Got It ft. Rafa Pabön                                                  00:02:28     
Nailah Blackman - Boss (Boss Level Riddim) 2022 Soca                                  00:00:50     
Shal Marshall - Brap Brap (Boss Level Riddim) 2022 Soca                               00:01:04     
Problem Child - Party On Fire (Boss Level Riddim) 2022 Soca                           00:01:44     
Playing Games                                                                         00:00:27     
SPANK YUH (Prod. by Lashley ' Motto ' Winter)                                         00:01:38     
Krazy Glue Radio                                                                      00:03:46     
Stacy-Ann (Benje and Riddim & Vibez)                                                  00:01:50     
Lava Lamp                                                                             00:01:49     
Closer To Me                                                                          00:02:05     
One Touch                                                                             00:02:28     
Show Me Your Wine                                                                     00:03:25     
SHINE242 - DOWN DEH YOO  mp3                                                          00:03:06     
Keep Jammin' On                                                                       00:01:44     
Problem Child - Fete It Up (La Danza Riddim) 2022 Soca                                00:01:34     
Adam O - Nice & Easy (La Danza Riddim) 2022 Soca                                      00:01:30     
Bless Body                                                                            00:01:26     
Lyrikal - Personally (Body Banging Riddim) 2021 Music Release                         00:01:58     
Adam O - Bam Bam (Body Banging Riddim) 2021 Music Release                             00:01:43     
Sekon Sta - Sidung (Body Banging Riddim) 2021 Music Release                           00:01:09     
Nadia Batson - Body Banging (Body Banging Riddim) 2021 Music Release                  00:01:41     
Weakness                                                                              00:01:49     
All The Way (Bahar Riddim)                                                            00:01:34     
Sneaky Link (Bahar Riddim)                                                            00:03:00     
I Cyah Wait (Bahar Riddim)                                                            00:03:23     
Gimme De Music (Bahar Riddim)                                                         00:02:31     
Carrying On Bad (Radio) - Rik Carey (Fullersound 320kbps)                             00:02:05     
Ms Desire - Wah Yuh Come For (Sovereign Riddim) 2021 Soca                             00:01:08     
Alison Hinds - Talk Bout (Sovereign Riddim) 2021 Soca                                 00:01:22     
Dev - Fork in d Jab (Whole Vibe Riddim) 2022 Soca Trinidad                            00:01:14     
WHITE BOY WASTED (RADIO)                                                              00:01:01     
MONEY $$$                                                                             00:01:02     
COOLER PIMP                                                                           00:00:59     
DRAGON                                                                                00:00:57     
Lyrikal-x-GBMNutron-ft.-Captain-John-Jonny-Blaze-Straight-10-single                   00:01:49     
Big Batty Gyal (Radio)                                                                00:02:07     
Walk and Whine                                                                        00:01:09     
In and Out                                                                            00:01:10     
New Gyal                                                                              00:01:17     
Something Special                                                                     00:01:06     
Bring It                                                                              00:00:58     
When Ah Drunk                                                                         00:01:06     
Stress Bout Dat                                                                       00:01:17     
Play                                                                                  00:02:25     
Hunta                                                                                 00:02:26     
Rude And No Manners                                                                   00:01:33     
Chronic                                                                               00:02:00     
COME THRU QUEEN-JULIEN                                                                00:02:07     
Blaudy                                                                                00:01:24     
D Mac                                                                                 00:00:55     
PIOTR - Our Love Is Real Jus Like So Riddim 2021 Soca Bahamas                         00:01:32     
Attitude - Wendi (Bahamas Soca 2018)                                                  00:02:34     
Just Vibes - Dyson Knight (Bahamas Soca 2018)                                         00:02:08     
WHAT YA SAY (RUSH OUT REMIX)                                                          00:01:34     
Back Dat Bam Bam                                                                      00:01:42     
Feeling Good                                                                          00:01:24     
Vibrate                                                                               00:02:09     
Wendi - Walk Out (Good Feels Riddim)                                                               

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