Blockchain and the Music Industry with Cooper Turley from Audius | Ep #21

Cooper talks about how he learned about decentralized technology and gives recommendations for resources and social media channels to follow. We discuss the barriers to the widespread adoption of crypto and use cases for crypto and blockchain in the music industry. We talk about Audius, a streaming platform that uses decentralization to put power back in the hands of music artists. Cooper explains who is currently using the platform, along with plans for the future. He talks about NFTs and how they work with the music industry, along with some other exciting trends in the near future — like fractional ownership — and what they mean for new artists and the industry as a whole.

⏳ TIMESTAMPS: 0:00​​ Intro 0:36​ How did Cooper Turley get interested in crypto? 1:33​ What were Cooper’s best resources for learning about crypto? 2:22​ Influencer call out 3:13​ Cooper explaining crypto 3:39​ Cooper’s favorite projects 4:00​ Biggest challenges to blockchain adoption 4:52​ What is Audius? 6:14​ Who is using Audius? 8:06​ Connecting artists with fans 14:28​ NFTs for songs 17:15​ Music industry in 10 years 21:10​ What is Audius working on in 2021? 23:40​ What does a Crypto Strategist do? 24:53​ Beeple NFT sale 27:40​ $RAC social token 30:27​ Who is 3LAU? 32:10​ What happens after the NFT hype? 33:40​ Cooper explains his tweets


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