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It’s amazing how people love to tell you who you should be, how you should dress or even think. We are so intimidated by diversity that we train our children to be clones of a system we hate.$africaallah | | Subscribe by email:

This mix is a testimony of freedom, love and life. This music represents the joy and freedom you feel when you let all your cares run with the rhythm of life.

Playlist – Watch Meh 

Lyrikal_-_ASAP_ASAP_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:04:24
Beng Riddim Instrumental 00:02:47
Nessa_Preppy_-_Fling_It_ASAP_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:47
Fadda_Fox_-_Hammering_ASAP_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:32
Voice Wuss Ways Travis_World-Pandemonium_Soca_2019 00:01:18
Voice Wuss Ways Travis_World-Pandemonium_Soca_2019 00:02:22
Dis Is Mas (Soca 2019) 00:03:24
Bend Right Ova (Bandit Jab Riddim) “2019 Grenada Soca” 00:03:30
Leggo De Jab {Grenada Soca 2019} Bandit Jab Riddim 00:02:05
Jab People! “2019 Soca” (Official Audio) 00:02:21
Head Not Normal “2018 Soca” (Official Audio) 00:02:51
Release_Official_Audio_Machel_Montano_Soca_2019 00:02:28
FOR ALL YUH (SOCA 2019) JAB CODE 2.0 RIDDIM 00:01:52
Problem_Child_x_Terra_D_Governor_-_The_Party_Sweet_Pumping_Jab_Code_Riddim_2.0 00:01:32
Mr_Legz_-_Blame_D_Rum_Jab_Code_Riddim_2.0_2019_Power_Soca 00:02:05
GBM_Nutron_Travis_World_-_Special_Request_Liquid_Jab_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:58
Terra_D_Governor_Travis_World_-_Home_Wreaker_Liquid_Jab_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:35
Lavaman_Travis_World_-_Full_Cooler_Liquid_Jab_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:02:21
Motto_-_Go_Bestie_Truck_Back_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:48
Jo_Jo_-_Start_It_Truck_Back_Riddim_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:01:21
Swappi_x_Stiffy_-_No_Girls_No_Vibes_T_Chalah_Riddim_2019_Soca_Barbados_EDIT_+_RAW 00:01:32
Marzville_-_Drop_It_Low_T_Chalah_Riddim_2019_Soca_Barbados 00:01:31
Stiffy_-_Shake_It_Up_T_Chalah_Riddim_2019_Soca_Barbados 00:01:52
Woman & Party (Good Oye Riddim) “2019 Soca” (Official Audio) 00:02:09
Good Good (Good Oye Riddim) “2019 Soca” (Official Audio) 00:01:43
Canboulay (Good Oye Riddim) “2019 Soca” (Official Audio) 00:03:24
Party Cyah Done (Good Oye Riddim) “2019 Soca” (Official Audio) 00:02:28
Tee_-_Pat_It_Colors_Riddim 00:02:15
So Seductive “2018 Release” (St Vincent) 00:01:21
My Team (Bottle Top Riddim) [2018 Soca] [HD] 00:01:34
Angelique_Sabrina_-_Rock_With_Me_Twin_Flame_Riddim_2019_Soca_AdvoKit_Prod 00:01:34
Farmer_Nappy_-_Leave_My_Tail_2019_Soca_Red_Boyz_Music_Trinidad 00:01:23
Lil_Natty_Thunda_-_One_Time_2019_Soca 00:01:20
Shal_Marshall_-_Movements_Planet_Love_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:35
Skinny_Fabulous_X_Mikey_-_Party_Badd_Small_Island_Groove_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:56
Kerwin_Du_Bois_ft._Precision_Prod_-_Dear_Drunk_People_Tingin_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:30
Kerwin_Du_Bois_ft._Precision_Prod_-_Dear_Drunk_People_Tingin_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:39
King Bubba FM – Love In De House 2019 Soca (Official Lyric Video) [Red Boyz Music} 00:01:58
Machel_Montano_ft_Precision_Prod_-_Super_Clean_All_Over_Tingin_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:40
Mical_Teja_ft_Precision_Prod_-_Sweet_Tingin_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:07
R.City_Nessa_Preppy_ft_Precision_Prod_-_Tingin_Tingin_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:48
Benje 00:01:40
Chronic 00:00:40
Inst 00:00:59
D Mac 00:01:05
Blaudy 00:01:38
Chronic 00:02:17
Lavaman_-_Jab_Emancipation_Jab_Fete_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:15
Marzville_Fadda_Fox_-_More_Rum_Jab_Fete_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:15
Loose_Cannon_-_Print_Out_Jab_Fete_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:01
Skinny_Fabulous_Caspa_G_-_Shutdown_Jab_Fete_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:02:46
Big_Red_ft._1KC_Scout_-_How_We_Bad_So_Jab_Fete_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:32
Jab Is My Job “2018 Soca) (Official Audio) 00:01:32
Linky_First_-_Jam_Down_Jam_Down_Riddim_2019_Soca_Official_Audio 00:01:28
LFS_Music_-_Doh_Bother_We_Lyric_Video_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:01:40
Gyal Owner “2018 Soca” (Trinidad)
Tara_Lynne_-_Rush_Lyric_Video_Madness_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:03:06
Bun Fuh Bun (Rocket Launcher Riddim) “2018 Soca” 00:01:35
Bumper (Rocket Launcher Riddim) “2018 Soca” 00:01:21
Soca Nice “2019 Soca” (Official Audio) 00:01:24
Arthur Allain x Hollywood HP – True Friends 2019 Soca 00:01:45
Lavaman_-_True_Story_Zodiac_Riddim_2019_Soca_Grenada 00:01:57
Nailah_Blackman-_Games 00:01:38
Farmer_Nappy_x_Machel_Montano_-_Day_One_2019_Soca_Trinidad-Vubey 00:01:25
Kerwin_Du_Bois_-_My_Faults_2019_Soca_Trinidad_RADIO 00:02:21
Kerwin_Du_Bois_-_My_Faults_2019_Soca_Trinidad_RADIO 00:00:38
Skinny_Fabulous_-_Bullet_Proof_Bullet_Proof_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:40
Formula (Rum and Soca) “2019 Soca” (Official Audio)$africaallah | | Subscribe by email:

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