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The Bahamas new mandates   all performances groups and artists must be fully vaccinated to perform at activities approved under emergency orders.

The Bahamas puts a mandate on vaccinations that relies on private citizens to govern verification process.

This is not a sitcom or a sifi series. I thought about the multiple times that TV shows have created a serum and gave it to groups of people in order to save them from some virus, poison or danger. 

In the real world, it is not that simple. 

According to experts don’t yet know how long immunity will last once a covid 19 vaccine dosage is complete. We are gambling with people’s lives and livelihoods for short term results. Moreover, the powers that be are manipulating people by rewarding them with basic human needs. By lifting the band on social gathering numbers  and allowing only vaccinated people to attend events. I don’t think we understand the danger of that! The mandate removes the choice to  take the vaccine and infringes on our right to privacy as the responsibility is on the establishment to determine proof of vaccination. This secondary request is the government’s way of passing the buck so that they are not breaking the law. 

According to the journal of medical  ethics Mandatory vaccination, including for COVID 19, can be ethically justified if the threat to the public health is in grave danger, the confidence in safety and effectiveness is high, the expected utility of the mandatory vaccination is greater  than the alternatives, and the penalties or costs for noncompliance  are proportionate. 

In many cases the reluctance to take the COVID 19 Vaccine has to do with questions, we have yet to answer. In less than a year, a vaccine was developed and distributed. Most drugs and vaccines go through a mandatory exploratory stage which often last 2-4 years then moving on to the pre-clinical stage of 1-2 years Clinical Studies  with human subjects  only begins after  an IND is submitted  to the FDA. Thereafter  there are a series of phases before a drug or vaccine is approved.  Even after a drug is approved manufacturers continue to do trials to examine long term effects. 

Imagine you never experienced the 2019 -2020 global pandemic. If you heard the story of COVID 19  and the way the authorities were responding to it, you would be up in arms and declaring it  a violation of civil rights and unsafe. However, 18 months inside on curfew and out of work anything is better than being caged  and accruing bills.

2020 was the year of scare tactics. As a unit, world leaders preyed on our fears to influence our reaction and compliance. I don’t doubt that there was and is a public health concern, however no one thought about the rise in mental health issues and how anxiety would affect a large portion of the community. Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear. People are fearful of everything. Sick people are afraid to go to the doctors, healthy people are afraid to go outside and all of these fears make it easier to agree to an idea without real information.

 I close as I started  experts don’t know how long immunity will last, nor do they know the long term effects of the vaccine. It is a short term solution that will have long term effects. The idea of a vaccination mandate will eventually tear us apart, deteriorate the quality of life and our economic bottom line. Please chime in and share your thoughts. 

Could COVID-19 Vaccines become Mandatory?

Johns Hopkins University Podcast

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