Bahamas Carnival 2019

#PhotoRecap Bahamas Carnival 2019 Road March

We made it! Bahamas Carnival year five is in the bag. While the parade was a success many bands struggled with challenges of their own. Overall you can see the growth of Bahamas Carnival and the potential as a lucrative Carnival destination.

Bahamas Carnival Season 2019 March in review

The first attempts at a Bahamas Carnival 2019 season event happened on March 1st. Enigma Carnival Band hosted it’s an annual Midnight Mas event. Bahamas CArnival 2019 events  The event was a logistical nightmare for attendees and ticket holders. Despite the large response, the organizers didn’t make perversions for the increase in attendance, as a result, the gates were closed and the party got shut down due to capacity.

Bahamas Carnival season  2019 events  got off to a late start with the first recognized event of the season happening on Sunday, March 10, 2019, as a part of the Liquid Weekend featuring a promotion by a domestic

Liquid weekend in Nassau, Bahamas. Splash Soaker Day Fete & Twisted Cooler Fete March 9 -10. Bahamas Carnival, Mas in Paradise SOCA MusicClub Owner of Primetime Lounge. While the Saturday, March 9 event was promoted with much vigour and had a better talent line up, two things worked against the March 9 production weather and trust from the target market.

Splash Soaker Day Fete

by Prime Time Promotion

March 15, 2019, Enigma Carnival Band returned to Arawak Cay with Midnight Mas Rewind. All ticket holders and attendees of the March 1 event were given complimentary tickets to the makeup event.


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Photo Recap: Midnight Mas Rewind

by @EnigmaCarnival

March 22, 2019 Bahamas Masqueraders hosted their annual GLOW event at the Mas Band Camp on Fire Trail Rd (Nassau, Bahamas)  and much to their surprise the turnout was overwhelming.Bahamas Masqueraders GLOW 2019

While the bigger bands are finding success in the marketplace with a growing number of young adults entering into the equation. The more mature consumers seem to be opting out of these experiences. Not because of lack of interest by age demographic in attendance.

Smaller bands have tried their hand at events and have not seen the same success as the big bands more so because of popularity and lack of brand presence in the marketplace.


by Bahamas Masqueraders


#PhotoRecap Hypnotic Mas Band “Bold” Costume Launch #BahamasCarnival2019

Hypnotic Mas Band makes a Bold statement n their 2019 Bahamas Carnival costume release Saturday, Jan 12 at 1 Cru, Gladstone Rd. The costumes are a bold decorative take on sexy lingerie. These pieces look great in the night, but can they withstand the beating of Carnival bacchanal? Even, moreover, the Bold line does not represent or fit the varying body types of the local market and the growing population of obesity in the Caribbean diaspora.  One would ask who does Bold truly represent? Is Hypnotic Mas Band looking for a particular type of masquerader like many boutique bands throughout the Caribbean?

We present to you Bold by Hypnotic Mas Band for the 2019 Bahamas Carnival Season.

Visit for more details Follow @Hypnoticmasband on IG


The Carnival Critic Review:

Bold’s product launch took off with a burst of energy the rocked the crowd. Regardless of the rainy weather most of the crowd socialized without complaints under covered areas to the mix of old, new and vintage soca. Their first line Boujie got onlookers in place and ready to be wowed. They were as bold rolled out a colorful line of costumes with equally tantalizing titles.

The printed, iridescent, animal print and lace ensembles that served as the base of the pieces gave a great head start to beautiful pieces. However, some pieces seemed incomplete in thought and production beyond the ready-made foundation. The headpieces that adorned some of the models were beautiful though common. Where present the jewelled leg enhancements added a modern upscale vibe. The completed costumes need to be finessed before they are ready for the road.

The cut of the costumes did not offer variety and seemingly did not provide a practical fit nor much bust support. While Bahamians tend to run short the length of the costume’s body may prove to be a challenge for taller or shapely persons. I was disappointed to see no “boy short” cuts just thongs. Carnival should be inclusive to all body types and style preferences.

All in all, the costumes were more lingerie-esque than bacchanal. I would have like to see more creativity and less off the wrack. I have concerns that as is, they may not survive the road.


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