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Promoting the Bahamas Worldwide. Travel with us as we introduce the world to Bahamian talent inclusive of DJs, dancers and performers. Discover Bahamian acts as we capture them on the world stage. Explore new markets as we promote Bahamas Carnival and the energy that we bring to the Caribbean diaspora.
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The Lime Tour Atlanta is sponsored in part by Island Gases & Bahamas Masqueraders. Don’t miss Bahamas Carnival 2019 May 3-5. Book your tickets for May 2 so you don’t miss out on any of the Action.
Friday, May 3 is the PlayMas.Today Insomniac All Day Fete

#PhotoRecap Atlanta Carnival Weekend

2018 Atlanta Carnival marked 31` Years for Carnival in Atlanta and 4 years since the great divide. With a little short of the 30 bands, Dekalb County Carnival parade of bands took to the streets of Stonecrest for one short trip around the Mall Parkway on Saturday, May 26.

This year the Bahamas was well represented with performances by Bodine, Wendi and Dyson Knight backed by DJ LJ on the big stage as well as a display of Bahamian culture on the road with the Atlanta Junkanoo Group. Adding to the authentic vibes from the Bahamas was Bahamas Masqueraders DJs, DJ Bravo and Fesh International, who also played at several events over the weekend.

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