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In my lifetime, I have been abused and raped, but, I have been always at fault. Well, so I was lead to believe.

Why Won’t Society Let Black Girls Be Children?

Adultification means teachers, parents and law enforcement are less protective and more punitive with certain kids. Read More

When it comes to sexual violence, too often the only people to face consequences or repercussions are survivors. We alone carry the weight of our abuse. This continued lack of accountability clearly demonstrates a societal acceptance and perpetuation of rape culture. 

When I was younger, I was told that these things make you stronger. Those words taught me to accept being mistreated and violated. While, I watched contradictions on TV with outrage in white communities over child molestation, rape and abuse. I had no idea that because of my color and the way I was built I was excluded from protection. The first time I reported an act of violence against me to the police. I was taken back to my abuser and accused of being rude and disobedient. The second time I was asked what I did to cause the unwanted action and then later accused of sending mix signals. I have been raped five times in my life, not counting the times I said no to a sexual partner.

As Black women, abuse comes in various forms. Countless women can recall their experience in the corporate sector, the way they have been treated and managed as a result of their skin color, hair texture or name. Black women work have to work twice as hard as their white female counterparts and are still undervalued and overlooked.

How Black Women Describe Navigating Race and Gender in the Workplace

Harvard Business Review
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Whoopty NYC (Instrumental)
Podcast Disclaimer 00:06:14
Track 11
Dear Lie 00:02:35
Bedroom Bully Clean 00:03:01
Danger in Your Eyes
Nigga Sings the Blues
Focus on Me 00:01:40
Streets Nuh Right 00:02:11
Anything For You 00:03:48
Love You Everytime 00:03:31
Body Great 00:02:08
Track 1 00:02:57
Overdue 00:03:36
Pressure 00:02:34
Respectfully – [Clean] 00:01:33
Romping Shop (Radio Edit)
The Pain 00:02:30
Eh em
Bad Habit 00:02:13
Gonna Make It 00:02:21
Track 6 00:02:05
Lighter (Clean)
Love (Clean) 00:02:20
Wicked Dickie – Wicked Dickie Riddim
Part Time Lover 00:02:25
Lady of Dancehall
Well Bad – [Clean]
Talk Up 00:01:07
Bruck It
Love Triangle – [Clean] 00:01:47
Naw Dweet – [Clean] 00:01:54
Nasty (Clean)
Lockdown (Clean)
Fahrenheit (Remix)
Turn Him On 00:01:21
Budum 00:01:34
Heavy Remix – Edit 00:02:03
Son of A B#*h-Lady Saw(clean) 00:02:12
IDKW (Clean)
Bad Alone – [Clean] 00:01:29
Tip Pon Yuh Toe – [Clean] 00:01:04
Neva Shoulda Do Me Dat
Hardcore(It’s Raining) 00:01:07
Trick’a Treat – [Clean]
Sure Sure (Clean)
Shake [Remix] – [Clean] 00:00:59
Car Seat – [Clean] 00:01:49
Walking Trophy (Remix) (Clean) 00:02:16
Limited Edition – [Clean] 00:01:57
Ungrateful (Dirty) 00:01:49
Champion Bubbler 00:01:18
So Sexy – [Clean]
Hold yuh(rmx)

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