Slumming it in West Buckhead

Atlanta’s inflation rose in October 2021 by an even¬†higher 7.9%¬†from a year ago, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As of 2022 it has risen again by 1.9%. Imagine living downtown Atlanta, in the West Buckhead area paying upward to $1,700 in rent only to find out that your home is infested with bugs due to negligence on behalf of the property management.

Let me share a testimony about a property in West Buckhead that is riddled with health code violations, bugs and black mold. 743 @ Howell Mill Apartments, formerly the Arbors at Berkeley was once a great property for college students, creatives and singles. Over the course of the last three years the complex has seen at least five management changes. The pandemic added to the mayhem by creating no touch solutions which ultimately automated maintenance request and rental payments. While this seems like a great achievement. It allowed management to go unchecked hiding behind the veil of COVID-19. For months there was no one in the leasing office to assist with basic maintenance and rental prices increase without proper attention given to the

One of the tenants shared with us their shocking discovery as a certified health cleaning agent. While cleaning his apartment, he stumbled across black mold spores and if that was not enough, he found a roach nest behind his kitchen sink after countless request for a leak to be fixed. As of publishing date the request has been submitted eight times to three different management companies. When the tenant was able to speak with a leasing agent under the current management, Friedlam LLC , he asked to be transferred to another apartment. Here is the kicker, they agreed to the transfer him with a $400 increased after living on the property for a little over nine years.

Imagine paying upwards to $1,700 a month fighting roaches and suffering from respiratory issues as a result of Black Mold due to negligence on management’s behalf and then being told you have to fork up and additional $400 for a piece of mind. It would seem that moving would be the solution, however the pandemic has put a lot people on a fixed budget an unexpected move may not be practical, but neither is paying an absorbent amount of money to slum it in west Buckhead.

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