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Panty Party brought to you by Shade Gods. Enjoy a #BlackSummer turn up mix featuring Dancehall and Soca vibes mixed by #BTeamDJs+, Mixtress Africa Allah.

This mix is available on the Audius decentralized platform for promotional use by Shade Gods a Goddess Global brand. The hosting platform Audius is a music streaming and sharing platform that puts power back into the hands of content creators. The platform is backed by  cryptographic tokens.

As a creator, “Panty Party”and other exclusive mixes are produced to increase brand visibility, support creator search rank and deliver musical experiences in under two hours. Our objective is to evoke specific emotions that trigger a euphoric experience.

This episode of Panty Party is brought to you by Shade Gods as a part of PlayMas.Today #BlackSummer promotion. Shade Gods is a luxury eyewear brand (ShadeGods.PlayMas.Today).


Independent Pree                                                           00:06:57     
Anxiety                                                                    00:07:23     
Anxiety                                                                    00:02:44     
Gyptian-In-My-Arms                                                         00:02:00     
Christopher-Martin-Outside                                                 00:02:02     
Masicka-Special                                                            00:01:39     
Gyptian-In-My-Arms                                                         00:02:39     
Teejay-Tears                                                               00:04:12     
FEELINGS (CLEAN)                                                           00:05:06     
Heads off-Philandru                                                        00:01:05     
Neva Fail                                                                  00:02:26     
Won't Judge                                                                00:02:40     
Pressure [Remix] (Clean)                                                   00:03:58     
Kranium - Nobody Has To Know ft. Ty Dolla $ign                             00:04:00     
Bad Man - [Clean]                                                          00:01:47     
Money Money                                                                00:01:16     
Dream life - [Raw]                                                         00:01:13     
Up Front - [Raw]                                                           00:02:09     
Watch dem - [Clean]                                                        00:02:10     
BIG BIG - [Raw]                                                            00:02:00     
Aircraft - [Raw]                                                           00:02:21     
TIFA - NEVA SHOULDA DUH MI A THAT - RAW                                    00:02:13     
CHRIS MARTIN - IM READY MIX                                                00:01:42     
CHAM - LOCK DOWN MIX (RAW) 1                                               00:02:17     
Love Ones                                                                  00:03:01     
Who Knows It Feel                                                          00:02:07     
Life Worth Living                                                          00:01:55     
E-Dee_She Run_(like Frazier)                                               00:02:01     
No Stress - [Clean]                                                        00:01:40     
All Night Rave - [Raw]                                                     00:01:30     
My Time                                                                    00:01:33     
As Mi Pull Up - [Raw]                                                      00:01:14     
Nah Lef It - [Raw]                                                         00:01:18     
Party Suh Nice                                                             00:01:47     
Pop Henny                                                                  00:01:36     
Anything - [Raw]                                                           00:01:47     
Type - [Raw]                                                               00:02:03     
I'm Sprung (Club Killers Dancehall Remix) Acap Out - Clean                 00:01:41     
Mr_Vegas-Killa_Body_feat_Los_Rakas                                         00:01:47     
Chat - [Clean]                                                             00:01:51     
Neva Short a Gyal - [Raw]                                                  00:01:43     
Envy - [Raw]                                                               00:01:34     
Feel Like - [Raw]                                                          00:01:07     
Wealth & Vile - [Raw]                                                      00:00:43     
Kingpin - [Clean]                                                          00:01:04     
Block Traffic - [Clean]                                                    00:01:54     
Style - [Raw]                                                              00:01:48     
Slim a Wear - [Raw]                                                        00:01:14     
Cut Off Jean                                                               00:01:47     
Choppa Sex - [Raw]                                                         00:02:03     
Loco                                                                       00:02:03     
Likkle & Tight - [Raw]                                                     00:01:50     
Chun Lee                                                                   00:01:18     
Gyal Hot                                                                   00:02:33     
Black Americans                                                            00:03:04     
Ozarie - Sweetness (Fat Back Riddim) Soca 2021                             00:01:44     
D’Termine - Show Some Skin  (Fat Back Riddim) Soca 2021                    00:01:44     
Whoopsy [CLEAN]                                                            00:01:50     
Back Seat                                                                  00:02:13     
Adam O x AkaiiUsweet - Warming Up (Top Soil Riddim) 2021 Soca st kitts     00:02:16     
Pumpa - Ring Tinga Ling (De Cure Riddim) 2021 Soca                         00:02:24     
Mr. Killa - Macopolaritis (De Cure Riddim) 2021 Soca                       00:02:13     
Erica Assai - Shame (De Cure Riddim) 2021 Soca                             00:02:07     
Lyrikal & Nadia Batson - Fuh Days (De Cure Riddim) 2021 Soca               00:02:50     
Fadda Fox - Outside Again (De Cure Riddim) 2021 Soca                       00:02:20     
Fiyah B - Do What You Want (On The Go Riddim) 2021 Soca Barbados           00:01:52     
Faith Callender - Brek It Off (On The Go Riddim) 2021 Soca Barbados        00:01:30     
KDM - Tek It All (On The Go Riddim) 2021 Soca Barbados                     00:00:49     
Scrilla - Angle (On The Go Riddim) 2021 Soca Barbados                      00:02:08     
Lyrikal - Dutty Waist (On The Go Riddim) 2021 Soca                         00:02:53     
Pon Di Tip -AkaiiUsweet (Small Island Style) St.Kitts 2021                 00:01:55     
Links Bugatti - Spoil Meself (Summer 473 Riddim) 2021 Soca                 00:01:38     
Mr Lex - Summer Girls (Summer 473 Riddim) 2021 Soca                        00:01:37     
HOT GAL ALONE                                                              00:00:57     
EXAM                                                                       00:00:58     
GIRLS GONE WILD                                                            00:02:42     
DOG BITE (MAIN MIX)                                                        00:03:16     
Walkes - Work It (Dank Riddim) 2021 Soca Barbados                          00:01:30     
Bobo & Nellee - Car Key (Dank Riddim) 2021 Soca Barbados                   00:01:04     
Red The Artist - Gal Bend Good (Dank Riddim) 2021 Soca Barbados            00:01:45     
Lee Major - Shake Dat Booty 2021 Soca                                      00:02:13     
 Feh Sah Bat                                                               00:01:35     
Sly Feat Boogy Rankss  Tet Sho  Bike Ride Riddim                           00:01:19     
Nye Feat Boogy Rankss  Bend Your Back  Bike Ride Riddim                    00:01:16     
Mc Mweh Feat Boogy Rankss  Lot Nom  Bike Ride Riddim                       00:01:05     
Mac 11  Vaccine Shot Vaccine Shot Riddim  2021 Soca                        00:01:18     
Mata  Boom  Put it In Vaccine Shot Riddim  2021 Socas                      00:01:47     
Freezy Cooyah Hitmaker  BumBum Trix Vaccine Shot Riddim  2021 Soca         00:01:39     
Skinny Fabulous - Flickin Bad Gas Station Riddim 2021-2022 Soca            00:02:07     
Ricardo Drue - Weak Gas Station Riddim 2021-2022 Soca                      00:02:58     
Bad Like Storm                                                             00:01:21     
Si Sit                                                                     00:00:56     
Charge Up                                                                  00:01:09     
Throw Up Yuh Hand                                                          00:01:23     
We Up Dey                                                                  00:01:58     
I Like It - Dyson Knight (Bahamas 2019)                                    00:02:10     
Oh Mama                                                                    00:01:40     
Body Talk                                                                  00:01:14     
Cloud 9                                               

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