Rapp #beingAfricaAllah vol 10_09 (hip-hop)

Mixtress Africa Allah
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Yes, while this is carnival season in the Bahamas I wanted to switch up and take it back to my foundation. Never forget from whence you came. This is modern day Rap.

With that said 4th of July weekend will be one of the Biggest Caribbean American weekends, the Bahamas has ever seen with the likes of DJ Self,  DJ Young Chow, Reggae Artist Ding Dong and Brooklyn’s own Fabolous.

More details to come!



Traumatized (Clean) 00:07:20
Red Light (Clean) 00:05:26
I Want Some Money (Clean) 00:02:19
2 Sides of the Game (Clean) 00:02:03
Famous (Clean) 00:02:55
Motiv8 (Clean) 00:03:45
Mind Your Business (Main) 00:04:02
Ooou { MP3WAXX } 00:03:03
You Da Baddest { MP3WAXX } 00:02:33
Voila (Dirty) 00:02:56
Lie Detector (Clean) 00:02:05
DrIP DrIp Drip (Clean) 00:02:26
Everyday We Lit (Remix) (Clean) 00:02:40
Who Gon Stop Us (Clean) 00:02:19
Bottles Up (Clean) 00:02:51
MoshPit { MP3WAXX } 00:02:31
Watch { MP3WAXX } 00:02:26
Swizz_Beatz_-_Cold_Blooded_Audio_ft._Pusha_T 00:03:21
05. Set Trippin (Clean) 00:02:45
Hood (Clean) 00:02:12
The Rules (Clean) 00:02:01
By Any Means (Dirty) 00:01:41
DucK my Ex { MP3WAXX } 00:02:51
Clout { MP3WAXX } 00:03:10
Piped Up (Dirty) 00:02:14
Maino ft. T.I. { MP3WAXX } 00:03:11
Everybody Mad { MP3WAXX } 00:02:41
Make It Work (Clean) 00:01:45
Dipset/Lox (Dirty) 00:04:41
666 (Clean) 00:06:17
Meek_Mill_-_What_s_Free_feat._Rick_Ross_Jay_Z 00:07:33
12 Wanna Be Me (Edited) 00:07:28
Shootin Shots (Clean) 00:03:56
No Shame (Clean) 00:03:00
Bag Talk { MP3WAXX } 00:03:06
Come Through and Chill (Clean) 00:03:01
Bring Dem Things (Clean) 00:02:32
So Good (Clean) 00:02:24
People Say (Dirty)
People Say (Dirty)


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