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When do you know it is time to take a personal audit of your life? life audit is a full, thorough assessment of your life. You take stock of anything that’s taking up time, space, mental energy, and physical energy. This thorough assessment will give you a clear picture of your life, what’s going well, and what isn’t going well.

I have been sad for a while. Burdened by loyalties, friendships and obligations that may have never really mattered. It wasn’t until it got really bad that I was forced to take a personal audit that I started to feel free.

Life Audits and Intentional Living
Intentional living is the lifestyle practice of living life on purpose. To live with intention you must make conscious choices in your life every day that align with your core values (the ideals that are most important for you). By doing so, you’re in control of your life and are living a life that is truly yours.
Doing a life audit is step one in the intentional living process. The knowledge you gain from assessing your current situation allows you to make conscious choices about the next steps you will take. Without this knowledge, you’re either guessing your wants and needs, making choices based on other people’s opinions, or living life on autopilot.
A life audit is the first step in living a life that’s truly yours, one filled with meaning and purpose.


You Ain’t Worth It (Instrumental) 00:13:02
SORRY NOT SORRY (Clean) 00:07:31
Song Cry 00:03:01
in my eyes (Clean) 00:02:00
Straight Cap (Clean) 00:03:25
Top 3 (feat. Shoota) 00:05:09
greater storm (Clean) 00:03:57
King Kong (feat. Jim Jones) 00:04:13
On Me 00:04:24
Still Doing Wrong 00:02:10
21 00:02:40
JEFE’ (Clean) 00:03:28
Applebee’s Freestyle 00:02:46
Elevators (Me & You) 00:02:40
So Fresh, So Clean [Explicit] 00:02:21
Go 2 Hell 00:02:26
Bottles In Boca (Clean) 00:02:35
Green Light 00:02:27
THIS IS MY YEAR (Clean) 00:01:54
Play With Somthin Safe 00:01:44
Night Drive ft. Big Gipp & James Worthy (Night Drive 8Bar Intro) 00:02:01
BIG PAPER (Clean) 00:02:23
Angel Wings 00:02:31
BODY IN MOTION (Clean) 00:02:19
end of discussion (Clean) 00:02:05
Fight For You (From the Original Motion Picture “Judas and the Black Messiah”) (Clean) 00:02:22
Plane WiFi 00:02:29
In LA 00:03:06
i n t e r l u d e (Clean) 00:03:37
f**k marry kill (Clean) 00:02:51
Track Star (Mixshow Edit) (Clean) 00:02:55
Tie Your Laces (feat. Drakeo the Ruler) 00:03:12
BBD (Instrumental) 00:02:57
BBD (Clean) 00:03:35
Work Out 00:02:34
All Day Remix ft Meanz of Operation and Kendrick Lamar 00:02:01
LET IT GO (Clean) 00:01:47
Ten Wishes 00:01:47
You Made A Fool Of Me (Clean) 00:05:19
Epic (feat. Phresher) 00:05:01
Time Today (LNRP Mixshow Edit) (Clean) 00:02:14
Out the Dirt (feat. Fivio Foreign) 00:05:40
Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love)

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