Pause 4 Applause Vol5_13 Jay-z vs Everybody

Will & DJ Knotts
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“Yerrrrrrr!!!! its Knotts & Will keeping you entertained, educated, and informed, on everything from Hip-hop, entertainment, film, current events, sports, philanthropy, fatherhood and all things moving the culture forward. Welcome to P4AP. 

Season 5 – Episode 13 Season Finale !!!!!!
“Jay Z vz Everybody”

(1:48) I want a bot mitzvah (4:59) Presidential talk (7:28) weekend recap (13:31) “Jay vz EveryBody” (28:28) Bone vz Three 6 = top 5? (31:13) Bing bong (32:49) Kyrie Back ?
(35:44) All I want for Christmas (39:22) Super Facts ? (43:30) Im good Grammy’s (51:13) What did you get her? (56:44) 1st Christmas gift (1:02:30) Check in your friends (1:03:51) Best gift ever (1:11:23) Top 3 gifts this year (1:14:13) Is vagina a gift? (1:18:13) Russ album fire (1:21:05) Who should I Stream?

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