Pause 4 Applause Vol3_09 Cornbally

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Will & DJ Knotts

Yerrrrrrr!!!! its Knotts & Will keeping you entertained, educated, and informed, on everything from Hip-hop, entertainment, film, current events, sports, philanthropy, fatherhood and all things moving the culture forward. Welcome to P4AP.

Season 3 – Episode 9
Part 1

(3:00) Im the BAD freind (5:55) Born Day recap (10:53) The Elements Versuz  The Bro’s (19:43) Put some Respek on the DJ (23:35) where the weed at? (25:48) Baby steps (26:36) K.L.B (33:47) Tex-ass. You taking the shot? (41:05) P squared (45:45)T Capri tequila (47:30) Hubert why? (52:20) Akoin City (54:05) Bday Gifts

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