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I am depressed!

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There I said it. I am not happy. Every position I apply for I am told I am overqualified. I don’t know if that means they don’t want t pay me or they are not interested in trying new solutions.

As a business owner, the frustration comes with seeing the potential and not having the capital to move ideas forward. Capital is the difference between validation and struggle.

Have you ever felt like there was more? Do you spend your day moving in slow motion? Is there one thing that you do really well?

The world is moving rapidly. As professionals, we have to continuously stay abreast of changes in our industry, communities and worldwide. With all that change we go to a 9-5 daily and complete the same task for decades. Where are the innovators? Where are the people that make the largest room feel small? Where are the dreamers that put dreams in motion?

Here is to those of us that see potentialĀ in an empty room.

Cash.app/$africaallah | PayPal.me/diradiocast

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