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During the 2020 Pandemic year, hundreds of websites experienced a surge in website traffic as a result of emergency orders and mandated state, city or country lockdowns. Fast forward to a post pandemic era where countries are reinstating travel, entertainment and mass gathering. How do you continue to nature and retain website traffic?

It is imperative to take into account what the post-COVID world is going to mean for those of us in the digital marketing realm. The pandemic has accelerated the speed at which we are “going digital” and has given new power to many online industries.  We want to make decisions that use this new reliance on technology to our advantage.

1. Focus on the customers you already have

If you are struggling to bring in new customers, try focusing more on the ones you already have or who are still with you despite the economic downturn.

2. Move everything online

Focus more on ecommerce trends and channels. Now is the time to increase your online presence.

3.Run exclusive deals and offers

As businesses begin to reopen, a good way to get people interested in coming in is by offering exclusive sales promotions or deals. You can announce or even advertise these offers on social media platforms as well as promotional emails.

4. Give your communication strategy an overhaul

As people’s priorities and schedules change, the previous communication strategy you had in action may not be right. It would be wise to rethink the content you are creating, and the general approach you have towards your customers.

This could mean redoing your content calendar altogether or maybe putting some blog posts on the backburner while you focus more on articles that cater to doubts, fears, and questions related to the current situation. This also means that you need to take the time to get to know your post-COVID-19 customers.

5. Focus on a few main paid advertising channels

You need to figure out where your target audience is hanging out and then focus most of your PPC efforts on those channels.


Lighter (Instrumental) 00:08:16
Set The Tone (Clean) 00:07:20
Who’s that girl-Eve 00:03:38
JAY-Z_-Excuse_Me_Miss_ft._Pharrell 00:02:39 Leave The Door Open (Butta Excuse Me Remix) (Clean) 00:06:27 At The Top (Intro Clean) 00:05:57 Boom Bang | Pro-Gress Kranium feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Burna Boy – Hotel (Clean) 00:06:31 Burna_BoyPh_City_Vibration( 00:07:50
Burna_Boy_-Rock_Your_Body( 00:02:54
UPTOP WINE 00:03:55
Personally 00:02:53
Bam Bam 00:01:34
Body Banging 00:01:42
Sidung 00:02:16
Ricardo Drue – Weak Gas Station Riddim 2021-2022 Soca 00:03:45
King James – Roll It Gas Station Riddim 2021-2022 Soca 00:03:45
Mic Love – Fork Gas Station Riddim 2021-2022 Soca 00:03:44
Skinny Fabulous – Flickin Bad Gas Station Riddim 2021-2022 Soca 00:05:51
Right Here (Human Nature Radio Mix) 00:02:46
Janet Jackson – Thats 00:02:19
Superwoman, Pt. 2 00:03:02
Human Nature 00:03:17
All That I Need/There For You 00:03:03
jazminesullivanmaryjbligeswizzbeatz-holdingyoudowngoinincirclesrmx-cln 00:03:43
Changes I’ve Been Going Through 00:03:55
Family Affair (Club Killers Remix) Clean
And We instrumental

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