New Year’s Weekend in the Bahamas


3 day weekend of events and cultural actives.

Welcome Party

Free with purchase of Blessed NYE, early bird tickets. Cash bar, bottle service, music and food on sale.

Blessed NYE

The Corporation, New Year’s Eve Party is more than a party. It is a longstanding Bahamian tradition. Music, Drinks, Food and good vibes all night long. This year we are Blessed to share these moments with friends from around the world as we invite our international partners to #KeepGoing New Year’s celebration in the Bahamas.

Our signature New Year’s Eve event, BLESSED, is a celebration of life, love and a testament of our resilience.


Private Island Day Party. Cash Bar, Food on Sale, Music and other actives available.

More details to come.

International Guest

Normally we don’t focus on the talent. We let the experience speak for itself, but this year is not like others! This year we invite the world to celebrate with us.

In addition to our local all-star line-up of DJs, we have added DJ Knotts of Hip-Hop Giveback, DJ Kash of WHTA (107.9 FM) Atlanta and Ovadose, the Bahamian Ambassador, to the line-up.

This year we set the tone for a world class celebration as we do our part to contribute to the hospitality industry. Inviting our supporters around the world to make the Bahamas the premier destination choice for New Year’s Weekend.

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