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I find it curious that Mother’s Day and Mental health awareness month are both in May. It’s no secret that I struggle with depression. Holiday’s, Birthdays and Mother’s Day all trigger some type of anxiety in the average person. For people struggling with mental health issues (unseen illness) these occasions are overwhelming, couple that with the stress of the Global Pandemic and the current state of the economy you have a suicide watch alert. The problem is most people suffering from depression often are the life of the party or are disguised as introverts.

This Episode we invite you to pick up the pace with an energizing Caribbean mix.

Mental Health Awareness Month

How does being a woman affect your mental health?

Women caretakers are more likely to experience anxiety and depression than other women. Women are more likely to live in poverty than men. Poverty, working mainly in the home and concerns about personal safety can all make women feel isolated. Social isolation is linked to mental health problems.

Confidential Solutions to Cope with Mental Health

real money 00:51:06
Badblood Riddim [Instrumental] 00:09:40
Two Face [Mix 1] 00:02:25
People Change 00:01:46
Life Nuh Easy 00:02:12
Boring 00:02:25
In These Times 00:01:26
Work 00:01:24
Gwaan 00:00:55
Problems 00:01:32
Dem Nuh Know 00:02:12
They Don’t Know 00:02:19
Rich Badness 00:01:43
Nothing With You 00:03:10
Outside – [Clean] 00:01:33
Pleasure – [Clean] 00:01:35
Don Dadda – [Clean] 00:01:38
Pull Up – [Clean] 00:02:02
Roun Yahso – [Clean] 00:02:03
Need That – [Clean] 00:01:46
Lawd 00:01:34
Witch Craft 00:01:43
Free Fuck 00:01:54
Fuck Who 00:02:06
Shake Up Di Grun 00:01:57
Wine Go Dung 00:01:44
Sex 00:01:21
Get Am Nice 00:00:53
Million 00:00:56
Born Raaray Boy 00:01:01
Tay Sherr 00:01:17
My Yoba 00:01:10
Begging A Touch 00:01:08
Call On Me 00:01:11
Chicka Bonita 00:01:43
Usai Ar Lef En Grap 00:01:53
Slick Mason (Feat. Domingo) – Insomnia 2021 00:01:15
Patrice Roberts x Millbeatz – I Love You More (Love Doctor Riddim) 2021 Soca 00:01:37
Problem Child x Millbeatz – Always Ready (Love Doctor Riddim) 2021 Soca 00:02:02
Lil Time – [Clean] 00:01:54
The Love – [Clean] 00:01:55
My Story 00:01:39
Say – [Clean] 00:01:29
Boss Bitch – [Clean] 00:01:39
Rich Bitch – [Clean] 00:01:56
Between Sheets – [Clean] 00:01:50
Gangster Party – [Clean] 00:01:36
Man Ova 00:02:37
Live Up Ya Life 00:02:42
02 Nessa Preppy – No Hands 00:01:35
Gud Gud 00:03:07
Slow Whine 00:03:44
Go Down Deh (Clean) 00:02:27
SAJE – 3SUM (CLEAN) 00:02:19
GYPTIAN – SECRET (CLEAN.)mp3 00:01:36
FALLIN 00:01:09
DEM GYAL 00:01:43
BLACK, GOLD & GREEN 00:00:25
Just One Call – [Raw] 00:01:02
Just One Call – [Clean] 00:01:06
Ready Fi Di Road 00:01:19
Truth 00:00:58
Blood Sweat ‘n Tears 00:00:53
No Just Buss So

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