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I miss my Mom. A little less than 19 years ago I promised I would never go back to the Bahamas because my ties to the island were all gone. August 2002 my Mom past. Dec 1 was my Mom’s birthday and the memory of her just overwhelmed me, so much so I was making simple mistakes.

We all suffer from some type grief. We have all lost someone or thing that matters to use. I think the most dangerous part of COVID is that it allows you sit with your thoughts and memories. However, it is the way you react to those things that can be harmful. Today’s episode is in memory of my Mom the lady that would bring me record tapes of radio shows from different states and purchase most of my hip-hop collect up until my late teens.

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Fling Back Riddim Instrumental 00:08:46
Podcast Disclaimer 00:08:06
I Cram to Understand U 00:02:18
Bonustrack – Cold Rock A Party (Bad Boy Remix) 00:02:23
Bahamadia – Da Jawn (Ft. Black Thought) 00:02:34
The Roots feat. Bahamadia – Proceed 3 00:04:12
Love Of My Life Worldwide (Feat. Queen Latifah, Angie Stone & Bahamadia) 00:03:43
Head Banger 00:02:02
Chief Rocka 00:02:47
The Game Ft. Krs One & Big Daddy Kane – History 00:06:25
South Bronx 00:04:23
5 O’Clock In The Morning(clean)Nochalant 00:02:00
All I Know(clean)Razel 00:02:24
(clean)AZ 00:02:16
What Yall Want 00:02:16
Mood For Love 00:02:20
Can It Be So Simple 00:02:07
I Used To Love Her 00:02:12
Let Me Ride(clean)Dr Dre 00:01:40
Ha! 00:01:50
One More Chance 00:02:21
Living In A World(clean)Trick Daddy 00:02:01
California Love(super clean) 00:02:48
This DJ(clean)Warren G. 00:04:10
Edit 00:03:23
Bring E Further (Edit) 00:01:53
Hub (Edit) 00:01:53
Wicked So 00:01:59
Fall in Love 00:02:26
Let’s Get to It 00:01:59
Good Vibe 00:01:35
Hustle Hard 00:01:40
Motivation 00:01:07
Deadly Chauffeur 00:01:21
Swear Dem Bad 00:02:05
Sunday to Sunday 00:02:06
Girl Boss – [Clean] 00:01:37
Go Shot – [Clean] 00:01:57
Nuh Cuddle – [Clean] 00:01:55
Right Through 00:01:24
Blast Off 00:01:32
Forte 00:01:20
Gwan Leave 00:01:23
Star Bwoy 00:01:39
Diamond 00:01:24
Sekklez – [Clean] 00:01:02
Khill Yuh Wid It – [Clean] 00:01:19
Bhada Bhadi – [Clean] 00:01:19
Yuh Know – [Clean] 00:01:34
So Sexy – [Clean] 00:01:51
Same as Yuh Say – [Clean] 00:01:31
Murda Murda – [Clean] 00:01:43
Jus Di Way Mi Role 00:01:39
Mind Pon Di Millions 00:01:35
Live Big – [Clean] 00:02:00
Brawlin – [Clean] 00:01:55
Fit a Di Fittest 00:01:46
The Oath – [Clean] 00:01:22
Paper Chase 00:01:08
Problem Child 00:01:06

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