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We are back inside with active COVID 19 cases at a little over 1% of the Bahamian population of 300,000. The business sector and opposition leaders are urging the government to keep the country open as our economy can’t sustain another 90 day national shutdown. However, while that remains true the island does not have the infrastructure to accommodate the rising number of cases. In the space of 14 days The Bahamas has tripled its original amount, which bottomed out at 102 cases at the end of May. The question now remains what is the next step? How do you save economy & the people? Is it one or the other?

One bag ah Mix Up Business

Eat to Live

This episode Africa Allah invites Bahamian Business owner Ras Kowhen on to discuss Eating to live. Ras Kowhen is the owner of Kowsher Ital, Drinks, Eats and Health. Tune in as we discuss natural ways to boost your immune system using the trees in your yard or community.

August Monday Holiday | We Inside

Monday, Aug 3 – August Monday celebrates the emancipation of slaves in the British colonies in 1834. It is celebrated with a Junkanoo Rush-out, a day of beaching, sailing, and regattas in most islands.

Also known as Emancipation Day, it  is observed in many former European colonies in the Caribbean and areas of the United States on various dates to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved people of African descent.

It is also observed in other areas in regard to the abolition of serfdom or other forms of involuntary servitude.

1 August, Emancipation Day in Jamaica is a public holiday and part of a week-long cultural celebration, during which Jamaicans also celebrate Jamaican Independence Day on August 6, 1962. Both August 1 and August 6 are public holidays.

Pure Mix Up Aug Monday Webcam Party Featuring DJ Knotts out of Atlanta , DJ Fresh Intl from Andros Bahamas & Mixtress Africa Allah B Team DJs

Pure Mix Up

Webcam Party

Monday, August 3 5:30-10PM EST on GoodWifi.Party

Celebrate the expressions of the Caribbean with Dancehall, Soca & Rake n Scrape as we sit out the annual island festivals and Carnival celebrations in Grenada, Barbados and Canada.


Podcast Disclaimer 00:07:51
Phylum Riddim [Instrumental] 00:07:58
Psalms – [Raw] 00:01:49
Old Dawg Like Me – [Clean] 00:02:51
Easy Fi Say 00:02:43
Bhad Bwoy – [Clean] 00:01:55
Top Gal 00:02:17
Love You 00:03:27
Lovely State Of Mind 00:03:09
10- VOICEMAIL – Oh Damn 00:01:44
Ben Ova 00:01:26
Walk Ova 00:01:17
Believe Me 00:01:19
What Cause This 00:01:24
Turn Back Way 00:01:26
My Everything 00:01:49
Champagne Popping 00:01:39
Turn & Twist 00:01:41
Oualichi (Intro Clean) 00:01:54
Too Friendly 00:02:25
Right Yah So – [Clean] 00:02:17
Money Pree 00:01:18
Nuh Trust Them 00:02:32
Me Alone 00:04:02

Eat to Live
Voice and Keone – Ms. Carnival (Classy Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:02:57
Lyndsey – Private Party (Classy Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:02:23
Kerwin DuBois and Adana Roberts – No Tomorrow (Classy Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:02:59
Ricardo Drue – Lucky (Big Body Riddim) 2020 Soca Prod. By Marvelus 00:02:02
King Lion DeFuture – I Like It (Big Body Riddim) 2020 Soca Prod. By Marvelus 00:01:45
Adam O – Properlay (Big Body Riddim) 2020 Soca Prod. By Marvelus 00:01:44
Fadda Fox – Doh Mind Dem (Big Body Riddim) 2020 Soca Prod. By Marvelus 00:02:38
Pumpa – Handsfree (Big Body Riddim) 2020 Soca Prod. By Marvelus 00:02:41
Dandada – Good (100 Acres Riddim) 2020 Bashment (Barbados) 00:01:16
Altuh Ego – Trend Setta (100 Acres Riddim) 2020 Bashment (Barbados) 00:01:23
Jus D x Infamous HD – Style Pun Dem Bubble Up (100 Acres Riddim) 2020 Bashment (Barbados) 00:01:17
Marzville – Jelly (100 Acres Riddim) 2020 Bashment (Barbados) 00:00:50
Verseewild – Gunman or Gallis (100 Acres Riddim) 2020 Bashment (Barbados) 00:00:42
Peter Ram – Outside (100 Acres Riddim) 2020 Bashment (Barbados) 00:01:02
Shurwayne Winchester – Come Out To Jam (Jamming Season Riddim) 2020 Soca (Barabdos) 00:01:16
Kirk Brown – Pitta Patta (Wicked Reload Riddim) 2020 Soca (Barbados) 00:01:05
Biggie Irie – Sweet Gal (Wicked Reload Riddim) 2020 Soca (Barbados) 00:01:08
Natahlee – Loverboy (Wicked Reload Riddim) 2020 Soca (Barbados) 00:01:31
L’il Rick – Ride Pun It (Wicked Reload Riddim) 2020 Soca (Barbados) 00:01:42
Trinidad Ghost – Big Fish (Big Ride Riddim) 2020 Soca (Official Audio) Lucian Dennery 00:01:18
Nessa Preppy feat. Salty – Pull Up (Big Ride Riddim) 2020 Soca (Official Audio) Lucian Dennery 00:01:35
Dev – Ochro (Big Ride Riddim) 2020 Soca (Official Audio) Lucian Dennery 00:01:50
Motto x DJ Riddim Master, Blackboy – Big Ride (Official Road Mix) 2020 Soca Lucian Dennery 00:01:38
Machel Montano – Gih Dem (Big Ride Riddim) 2020 Soca (Official Audio) Lucian Dennery 00:01:50
Dis Is Mas (Soca 2019) 00:03:22
Voice Wuss Ways Travis_World-Pandemonium_Soca_2019 00:02:58
Lavaman_-Who_Fraid_Dat_Pink_Panther_Riddim_Pt._5_2019_Soca_Grenada 00:01:07 Lednek_ft_Shatta_BlackzWhy_Lord_Pink_Panther_Riddim_Pt._5_2019_Soca_Grenada 00:00:59 Luni_Spark_Electrify-_Black_People_Pink_Panther_Riddim_Pt._5_2019_Soca_Grenada 00:01:35
Luni Spark & Electrify – Jab Lives Matter (Late Start Riddim) 2020 Soca Grenada 00:02:05
Lavaman – D Petition (Own Carnival) (Late Start Riddim) 2020 Soca Grenada
Skull Dawg – I Wanna Party (Late Start Riddim) 2020 Soca Grenada

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