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Today we celebrate the life of Miya Marcano with sweet, sweet Soca music. This Oct 7 -12, 2021 we celebrate her life with our family in Miami. Thank you for supporting the search and helping us find Miya.

Medical examiner confirms body found in wooded area in Orlando is Miya Marcano

The Orange County, Florida, medical examiner confirmed Tuesday that the body found in a wooded area near the Tymber Skan on the Lake apartment complex in Orlando on Saturday is 19-year-old Miya Marcano.”A positive identification of a female whose body was recovered in a wooded area on October 2, 2021 has been identified as Miya Marcano,” Orange and Osceola Counties Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Stephany said in a statement.

Track List

Can't Wait                                                                  00:06:24     
Sneaky Link                                                                 00:03:06     
MONEY $$$                                                                   00:00:20     
Lyrikal-x-GBMNutron-ft.-Captain-John-Jonny-Blaze-Straight-10-single         00:02:16     
Walk and Whine                                                              00:01:45     
Big Batty Gyal (Radio)                                                      00:01:59     
In and Out                                                                  00:01:48     
Terri Lyons - Fling Bam Bam (Boss Level Riddim) 2022 Soca                   00:02:07     
WHITE BOY WASTED (RADIO)                                                    00:01:20     
COOLER PIMP                                                                 00:01:25     
DRAGON                                                                      00:01:29     
MONEY $$$                                                                   00:01:20     
Dev - Feeling Good (Clothes PIn Riddim) 2021 Soca                           00:01:43     
LInky First - What i Want (Clothes Pin Riddim) 2021 Soca                    00:02:42     
Nadia Batson - Body Banging (Body Banging Riddim) 2021 Music Release        00:02:31     
Sekon Sta - Sidung (Body Banging Riddim) 2021 Music Release                 00:01:37     
New Gyal                                                                    00:01:41     
Up In The Party                                                             00:02:15     
Stress Bout Dat                                                             00:02:10     
Bring It                                                                    00:02:27     
When Ah Drunk                                                               00:02:12     
Something Special                                                           00:01:45     
Problem Child - Ginger Brass Bowl Riddim 2021 Soca                          00:02:03     
Marzville - Uh Huh Brass Bowl Riddim 2021 Soca                              00:01:51     
Skinny Fabulous - Pole Brass Bowl Riddim 2021 Soca                          00:01:38     
Sugar Rhe - Queen Brass Bowl Riddim 2021 Soca                               00:01:12     
Supa Mario X Deek - Gyal Pleaser 2021 Soca                                  00:01:30     
Motto (Feat. Dj Wizz & Skyo Beatz) - Uber Everywhere (Bouyon Remix)         00:02:01     
Jus D - Poke (Top Soil Riddim) 2021 Soca                                    00:01:49     
Timeka Marshall, Skorch Bun It, CoolBlaze, College Boy Jesse - Anything     00:02:20     
Private Party                                                               00:02:45     
Private Ryan x Terri Lyons - Cant Take My Joy                               00:01:40     
Private Ryan x Preedy - Location                                            00:01:05     
Private Ryan x Adam O - Far Away                                            00:00:44     
Private Ryan x Ricardo Drue feat Drastic & Lilly - Change The World         00:01:58     
Go Down - [Clean]                                                           00:02:12     
Life So Nice                                                                00:01:29     
Selfish                                                                     00:01:00     
Fed Up                                                                      00:01:23     
Don't Jackass D Ting - Dj Perc (Full Remix)                                 00:01:05     
Kyng Moses - Tek Buddy 2021 Soca                                            00:01:03     
Pon Di Tip -AkaiiUsweet (Small Island Style) St.Kitts 2021                  00:01:04     
Yama x Billy x CL Productions - Buss It 2021 Soca                           00:01:36     
Ginger - We Jammin [640 Riddim] 2021 Soca                                   00:01:10     
M1 - Lockdown Wine [640 Riddim] 2021 Soca                                   00:01:27     
Zan - Wine Outside [640 Riddim] 2021 Soca                                   00:01:52     
Fadda Fox - Bring Ah Bottle 640 Riddim 2021 Soca                            00:01:31     
Klassik Frescobar x DJ Spider - Like Dat Arch and Bend Riddim 2021 Soca     00:01:02     
Bend De Banana                                                              00:01:15     
Lyrikal - No Carnival Bring it Back                                         00:01:43     
Olatunji - Riddim We Want (Official Lyric Video) 2021 Soca                  00:01:36     
Kernal Roberts - Hold Ah Strain [Patience Riddim] 2021 Soca                 00:02:12     
Blaxx - Sunshine Patience Riddim 2021 Soca                                  00:01:53     
KDM - Tek It All (On The Go Riddim) 2021 Soca Barbados                      00:01:45     
Lyrikal - Dutty Waist (On The Go Riddim) 2021 Soca                          00:01:36     
Fiyah B - Do What You Want (On The Go Riddim) 2021 Soca Barbados            00:01:00     
Faith Callender - Brek It Off (On The Go Riddim) 2021 Soca Barbados         00:01:16     
 Feh Sah Bat                                                                00:02:15     
ESSENTIAL NEED                                                              00:01:04     
ONE MORE PARTY                                                              00:00:59     
HORN PROOF                                                                  00:01:17     
FRIEND ZONE                                                                 00:01:27     
SAYONNE (Feat. Jada Kingdom) - Catch Dis Whine (Remix)                      00:02:19     
Floor                                                                       00:01:43     
Red The Artist - Gal Bend Good (Dank Riddim) 2021 Soca Barbados             00:00:52     
Walkes - Work It (Dank Riddim) 2021 Soca Barbados                           00:01:09     
Pumpa - Girls Wanna Have Fun (Daruma Riddim) 2021 Soca                      00:01:15     
Nadia Batson - First Fete (Daruma Riddim) 2021 Soca                         00:01:34     
Skinny Fabulous - Making Me Own (Daruma Riddim) 2021 Soca                   00:01:29     
Jadel - Yuh Man (Queendom Riddim) 2022 Soca Trinidad @Jadel Music           00:01:20     
Patrice Roberts - Soca Therapy (Queendom Riddim) 2022 Soca                  00:01:15     
Alison Hinds - Good Vibes Only (Queendom Riddim) 2022 Soca                  00:01:25     
Spin Class (Ride It)                                                        00:01:34     
Freezy - Back it up [Remix} ft King Bubba (veaygel mix)                     00:01:03     
Stick It and Bend (Radio Clean)                                             00:00:36     
Ride Remix (Radio)                                                          00:00:50     
Jiggle (Radio Clean)                                                        00:01:01     
Pile and Drive                                                              00:01:06     
Nye Feat Boogy Rankss  Bend Your Back  Bike Ride Riddim                     00:01:08     
Mc Mweh Feat Boogy Rankss  Lot Nom  Bike Ride Riddim                        00:01:10     
Army Guy Feat Boogy Rankss  Look Good  Bike Ride Riddim                                  
Blaxx x Don Iko - Who God Bless (Time Machine Riddim) 2021 Soca                          

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