Loving Yourself 101 Podcast by J.B. Williams – Melana Plains Vol1_06 #Reissued

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The Love Yourself Radio Show aired in April – August 2009.

Because of technical issues with episode #1, we begin with #2. The show descriptions, written for an earlier podcast blog, have been re-posted as is. The references made about show air times, and our listeners, apply to the time we recorded the episodes. They were left in to maintain continuity of content in the description of each one.

The download links on the podcast blog mentioned on the show are no longer available. Click on the download buttons below for the new links.The Love Yourself 101 episode topics have been re-recorded for better quality and easier listening.

Love Yourself  #6

June 21, 2009
Where Is The Love?

Love Yourself 101: Where Is The Love brings Love center stage and allows us to look at how the original Fear we inherited from our parents as children altered our perception and shaped our experience of Love.

In the beginning, we come to this life with the gift of our ‘birthright Love in tow—the pure Love that comes from The Source and Creator of our existence. Never being taught how to love ourselves, to sustain this powerful and life-giving energy, we succumbed to a Fear-based Love. In response, we shut down our hearts to withstand such a painful loss and learned how to accept an energy we did not recognize, trust, or understand.

In our latest Love Yourself show, the journey of loving the self continues, as my co-host, JB Williams, and I engage in an open and frank discussion about the children and our child within. We talk about what we learned while growing up and what we have taught our children about Love.

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