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Whine slow and back it up on the one that keeps you smiling. It’s a groovy type of day with slower side of Soca.

Check out the Soca Hour every Thursday or Liquid Alternative #SocaBrunch every Sunday at Prime Time Lounge in Nassau, Bahamas.

P.S I am thinking of you!

The Soca Hour Valentine Day Nassau, Bahamas

Playlist – Loving You

Voice x Marge Blackman – Full Of Vibe -2018 Soca- (Trinidad) 00:05:10
Sekon_Sta_-_Night_Shift_Set_Good_Riddim_(Prod_by_GBM) 00:02:52
Nutron_-_Wine_Up_On_U_Set_Good_Riddim_(Prod_by_GBM) 00:02:26
Patrice Roberts – All Of It -2018 Soca- 00:01:55
Preedy – Second To None (Leanerz Riddim) -2017 Release- (Trinidad) 00:01:58
Preedy – Say Yeah (Parallel Riddim ) 00:01:58
Nailah Blackman – Baila Mami (Parallel Riddim ) 00:02:07
5Star Akil – Feel Right _2018 Soca_ (Trinidad) 00:01:45
Far From Finished 00:01:49
I Need You (Parallel Riddim) “2018 Release” 00:02:02
Holding On 00:02:35
5Star Akil – Feel Right _2018 Soca_ (Trinidad) 00:02:16
Kes_-_Radar_4th_Quarter_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:29
Machel_Montano_-_Jammin_4th_Quarter_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:02:26
Two Days 00:02:33
Patrice_Roberts_-_Not_One_Thing_4th_Quarter_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:42
Patrice_Roberts_-_Not_One_Thing_4th_Quarter_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:39
Waistline Language “2018 Soca” (Crop Over) 00:01:56
Kerwin Du Bois & Kes – Feteland (Haze Riddim) -2018 Soca- (Trinidad) 00:03:33
Teddyson John – Gimme Dat (Haze Riddim) -2018 Soca- 00:02:38
Vent “2018 Soca” (St Lucia) 00:02:48
For Forever 00:01:53
Nadia Batson – Catching Feelings 00:01:56
Hello 00:02:04
Leave Me Alone 00:02:31
Clowns Official Audio (Preach Riddim) 00:03:01
Tempo Official Audio (Preach Riddim) 00:02:45
Preedy_-_Warm_Up_Osaka_Riddim_2019_Soca_Precision_Productions 00:01:53
Voice_-_Alive_and_Well_ft._Bishop_Anstey_High_School_Choir_Osaka_Riddim_2019_Soca_Precision 00:01:59
LFS_Music_-_Start_It_Osaka_Riddim_2019_Soca_Precision_Productions 00:01:50
Kerwin_Du_Bois_-_Right_For_Somebody_Osaka_Riddim_2019_Soca_Precision_Productions 00:03:15
She Bad [Remix] 00:02:34
Lava Lamp 00:03:03
Ella Andall & Devon Matthews – D’Journey (Make It) 00:02:11
Timaya – Sanko -2015 soca%2Fafrobeats- 00:01:38
Stonebwoy x Fay Ann Lyons – Carnival _2018 Soca_ 00:01:26
Salty_-_Good_Body_Foli_Riddim_2019_Soca_Badjohn_Republic 00:01:25
Sure-D_-_Thunda_Juju_Juju_Riddim_2019_Soca_Afrobeat_Trinidad 00:01:27
Kerwin_Du_Bois_-_No_Distraction_Juju_Riddim_2019_Soca_Afrobeat_Stadic_x_Black_Starr 00:02:28
Fay-Ann_Lyons_-_Feel_Good_Foli_Riddim_2019_Soca_Badjohn_Republic 00:02:03
M1_Menace_-_Shy_Foli_Riddim_2019_Soca_Badjohn_Republic 00:01:45
GBM Nutron & GBM Milko – Life101 -2018 Soca- (Trinidad) 00:02:11
GBM Nutron & GBM Milko – Life101 -2018 Soca- (Trinidad) 00:02:06
Body Language 00:01:42
Remedy 00:01:43
Rock That Body 00:01:24
Hardcore 00:00:51
Type of Wine 00:01:06
Skinny Fabulous – Every Gyal (Caribbean Rock Riddim) -2018 Soca 00:01:32
Lyrikal – Yuh Bless [Dirty] (Caribbean Rock Riddim) _2018 Soca_ 00:02:45
Touch Me 00:02:56
Toco Loco 00:02:01
Sexin 00:01:48
Work 4 It 00:01:33
Work 4 It 00:01:10
Kaya 00:01:05
Want 00:01:21
Give It To Ya [Remix] 00:01:37
When She Come (Creampie Riddim) “2018 Soca” (Crop Over) 00:01:22
Kickstand Riddim [Instrumental] 00:00:55
Good up Good Up (Sort Out) 00:00:51
Winey Winey 00:00:55
Party We Love 00:01:21
Like It Hot 00:02:13
Demarco – Caro [Body Talk Riddim] (2018 SOCA) [Walshy Fire x Travis World] 00:01:59
Kes & Patrice Roberts – Like It Like That (2AM Project) -2018 Soca- 00:01:15
Fast Wine (Official Audio) – Machel Montano – Soca 2017 00:02:13

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