Lights Out #beingAfricaAllah Vol 18_12

Mixtress Africa Allah
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Do not allow people to dim your light to make them feel comfortable. This week’s episode features new Dancehall and Soca music (Feb 2021). As we continue to experience the effects of the 2020 global pandemic, I invite people of color to visit the A Movement of Power. Check it out and share the knowledge.

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04-alicia_keys-you_dont_know_m 00:31:22
Won’t Judge 00:32:33
Good Only 00:02:20
Bonnie & Klyne – [Clean] 00:01:28
Cold – [Clean] 00:03:12
Sorry – [Clean] 00:03:26
Way Out – [Clean] 00:03:02
WIFI – DEXTA DAPS (Official Audio 2021) 00:03:56
Bruck It Off 00:02:53
Tightest – [Clean] 00:01:38
Sneak Out 00:02:02
Buy Some – [Clean] 00:02:11
Love Triangle – [Clean] 00:01:40
Years of Pain 00:01:51
Through The Window 00:02:35
Toxic 00:01:27
Wine All Day 00:01:32
No Stress 00:01:08
Big House 00:01:23
Gal Policy 00:01:39
Block Traffic 00:01:34
Life Too Nice – [Clean] 00:01:30
Thank God Him Gone – [Raw] 00:00:07
Thank God Him Gone – [Clean] 00:01:43
We Want to Party 00:03:31
Feel Right 00:01:27
Preedy x Millbeatz – Love Hurts (Love Doctor Riddim) 2021 Soca 00:01:33
Problem Child x Millbeatz – Always Ready (Love Doctor Riddim) 2021 Soca 00:01:13
Patrice Roberts x Millbeatz – I Love You More (Love Doctor Riddim) 2021 Soca 00:01:52
Nailah Blackman – Big Deal 2021 Soca 00:01:41
03 Nessa Preppy – Doh Wah Love (Clean) 00:02:22
Slick Mason (Feat. Domingo) – Insomnia 2021 00:01:44
Candy Shack Riddim Instrumental 00:01:23
Kerwin Du Bois x Destra – Stress Reliever (Candy Shack Riddim) Stadic x Jonny Blaze 2021 Release 00:02:30
Konshens – Soda (Candy Shack Riddim) Stadic x Jonny Blaze 2021 Release 00:02:31
Patrice Roberts x Kemar Highcon – Start Up (Candy Shack Riddim) Stadic x Jonny Blaze 00:02:08
All of You 00:02:17
Worry Less 00:01:17
GBMNutron – Specialist (Hotline Riddim) 2021 Soca 00:01:22
Imani Ray – Dynamite (Hotline Riddim) 2021 Soca 00:02:35
Angel [AdvoKit Productions x Julianspromos] 00:01:25
Crown Prince x King Vers x Ricardo Drue – Lift Me Up 2021 Soca 00:02:00
Nadia Batson x Don Iko – Counting My Blessings (Fig Leaf Riddim) 2021 Soca Trinidad 00:01:46
A Good Woman 00:02:02
Ricardo Drue & Patrice Roberts – Toxic Love Cabana Riddim 00:02:52
Teddyson John x Mastamind Productions – The Woman (Saccharine Riddim) 2021 Soca (Trinidad) 00:02:33
V’ghn & Cryave – Better Together (Cabana Riddim) 2021 Soca 00:01:32
I’m a Man 00:01:53
Pledge 00:01:40
Skinny Fabulous – Making Me Own (Daruma Riddim) 2021 Soca 00:01:30
Nadia Batson – First Fete (Daruma Riddim) 2021 Soca 00:01:41
HORN PROOF 00:01:12
Cant Take My Joy (Joyous Clap Intro) Instrumental 00:01:36
Private Ryan x Terri Lyons – Cant Take My Joy 00:01:13
Private Party 00:01:29
Party Central 00:02:03
Act Normal
Voice – Woman

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