Insomniac #beingAfricaAllah Vol 9_09 #Soca

Let’s get ready for Bahamas Carnival 2019 with #beingAfricaAllah podcast

The Insomniac All Day Fete returns to the Bahamas Friday, May 3 with a swimwear edition

Insomniac All day Fete Swimwear Bahamas Carnival 2019 global, DJ festival featuring DJs from around the world promoting and playing Caribbean Music.


Do This Riddim [Instrumental] 00:04:49
Work 00:05:52
Issa Snack 00:01:55
Boom 00:01:27
Tro Waist “2018 Soca” (St Lucia) 00:01:55
College_Boy_Jesse_X_LeyDi_M_-_Ting_Ting_Soca_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:02:26
Taking Over (Vinyl Riddim) “2018 Soca” 00:02:20
King_Bubba_FM_-_Start_It_Bad_Boys_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:02:47
Dynamite_-_Mad_Ting_Bad_Boys_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:02:38
Sizwe_-_Backshot_Bad_Boys_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:03:01
Vibrate 00:03:10
Hole (Icki Wiki Riddm) “2018 Soca” (Barbados) 00:01:50
Jaiga_-_Get_Eeen_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:03:39
Enjoy “2018 Soca” (Crop Over) 00:03:48
All Over De Gyal 00:04:35
Adrenaline Rush 00:04:40
Brace [2018 Soca] [HD] 00:02:19
Fitness Time “2018 Soca” (Barbados) 00:01:46
Wine Loose (Bottle Top Riddim) [2018 Soca]  00:02:23
My Team (Bottle Top Riddim) [2018 Soca]  00:01:57
Tag Dem (Tag Dem Riddim) “2018 Soca” (Trinidad) 00:01:17
Tag Dem (Tag Dem Riddim) “2018 Soca” (Trinidad) 00:01:44
Angelique_Sabrina_-_Rock_With_Me_Twin_Flame_Riddim_2019_Soca_AdvoKit_Prod 00:01:59
Farmer_Nappy_-_Leave_My_Tail_2019_Soca_Red_Boyz_Music_Trinidad 00:01:52
Azaryah_-_Sugar_Twin_Flame_Riddim_2019_Soca_AdvoKit_Productions 00:01:30
Inzey_-_Hold_Twin_Flame_Riddim_2019_Soca_AdvoKit_Productions 00:01:31
Marvay_-_Hit_De_Boy_Twin_Flame_Riddim_2019_Soca_AdvoKit_Productions 00:01:38
Sekon_Sta_-_I_Swear_Twin_Flame_Riddim_2019_Soca_AdvoKit_Productions 00:01:36
Olatunji_-_Thank_Mama_Twin_Flame_Riddim_2019_Soca_AdvoKit_Productions 00:02:27
Kes_-_Love_It_Twin_Flame_Riddim_2019_Soca_AdvoKit_Productions_ 00:02:38
Wine After Wine (Lyric Video) “2018 Soca” (Barbados) 00:01:30
Sure-D_x_Julius_-_Liking_It_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:01:50
Big Up “2018 Soca” (Official Audio) 00:01:48
Move Out Meh Way (Banks Riddim) “2018 Soca” [Official Audio] [HD] 00:01:17
Dev_-_Somebody_Novation_Riddim_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:02:46
01Passing Tru_(Lyrikal) 00:03:01
Patrice_Roberts_-_Bumper_Avenger_Novation_Riddim_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:01:26
T-Rock_x_Hardware_x_Simone_Pipe_-_Wining_Pro_Novation_Riddim_2019_Soca_Trinidad 00:01:29
Funky Business (Vincy Soca) 2018 Stinger Riddim 00:02:27
Madness Again “Shell Down” (Fire Torch Riddim) [2018 Soca]  00:02:31
Madness Again “Shell Down” (Fire Torch Riddim) [2018 Soca]  00:01:55
Activate 00:01:37
Jab Is My Job “2018 Soca) (Official Audio) 00:02:25
Show Me Power (Rocket Launcher Riddim) [2018 Soca]00:01:25
I Got You (Rocket Launcher Riddim) [2018 Soca] 00:02:17
I Got You (Rocket Launcher Riddim) [2018 Soca] 00:01:13
Bun Fuh Bun (Rocket Launcher Riddim) “2018 Soca” 00:01:29
Mete – Wendi (Bahamas 2019) 00:00:11
LFS_Music_X_Lyrikal_-_Issa_Blessing_SOCA_2019 00:01:47
Farmer_Nappy_x_Machel_Montano_-_Day_One_2019_Soca_Trinidad-Vubey 00:02:47
Terri_Lyons_Mr_Killa_-_Way_Yo_Dey_Afro_Jab_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:02:46
RudyLive_-_Push_It_Refix_2019_Soca 00:02:18
Goin Down On Bay 00:04:30
One Team (Raydio Vybz, Kubiyashi) | Horn Up Riddim VA 00:04:50
Wuk Dem (Wuk Dem Riddim) “2018 Soca” (Grenada) 00:01:07
Benje – Shake It Up Wild Ting Riddim 00:02:01
Fling It Up – Dyson Knight & Wendi – Soca 2018 (Bahamas) 00:12:48
Full Performance [Radio Edit] 00:11:32

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