Going Down on Bay Julien Believe (Bahamas)

Julien Believe and Angelique Sabrina deliver vibrant visuals for their 2018 release of “Going Down on Bay”. The Junkanoo heavy song has a pop feel that makes it palatable¬†for mainstream consumption. However, if the Junkanoo drums don’t get you the video will definitely capture your attention.

From a cultural perspective, the video captures the nuances that make Bahamian Junkanoo unique. Just in time for the holiday season “Going Down on Bay” is the perfect marketing tool for the Bahamas’ biggest cultural event of the year. Enjoy the video and meet us down on Bay Dec. 26 and Jan. 1 for Junkanoo in Nassau, Bahamas.

Jamal Rolle paints a masterpiece live at the Julien Believe video release party for going down on bay. Bahamas

Painting of Bahamian Music Icon Ronnie Butler

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