Girls Talk #beingAfricaAllah Vol 16_09

Mixtress Africa Allah
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It’s true girls talk, but what do they talk about? What are their fears? What keeps them up at night?

Sometimes you need to get out of your head and have a conversation with the world. This episode opens with new hip-hop and dancehall records. On the second half of the show I sit down with two women in the media to talk about coping with the COVID 19 Pandemic, had we known what was in store for 2020 what we would have done differently and our reaction to WAP.


Podcast Disclaimer 00:04:01
Nas,Jay-Z- Black Republicans Instrumental 00:04:21
Pretty Girls Rock Acapella 00:02:00
Pretty Girls Rock Instrumental 00:00:46
Money Hunt 00:01:29
Try Again 00:01:25
Best Life 00:00:42
Naa Stray 00:00:35
Things Get Slow 00:00:50
Mr Lockeni 00:01:19
Legends 00:01:48
Plandemic 00:01:48
Only One In A Million Real 00:01:23
Punch Dem Hard Like Muhamed Ali 00:01:13
Never Poor Again 00:00:55
Here I Am 00:00:58
Victory 00:01:47
Dark Matter Riddim [Instrumental] 00:03:23
Lemon (Ft Method Man) ACAPELLA 00:01:31
More Than You Know (Dirty) 00:01:54
Peek A Boo (Clean) 00:02:36
Swag (Instrumental) 00:02:05
Unpredictable (Couldn’t Left Yuh) 00:01:35
One Shot (feat. Lil Baby)(Dirty) 00:02:09
Big Steppa (clean) 00:01:49
Outside Wit It (Clean) 00:02:01
Smart and Brave 00:01:30
Life Can Be Hard 00:02:10
Work Hard 00:01:23
Naa Give Up 00:01:30
Saearching for Your Love 00:02:04
Consistency 00:02:12
Ashes 00:02:09
Nah Believe 00:01:48
Mek Money 00:00:56
Win Again 00:00:44
Mula 00:00:45
Ready Fih This 00:01:04
Fix It Up 00:01:22
LockDown 00:01:27
Obviously 00:01:56
Good Ova Evil 00:01:37
Psalms 00:01:28
Reason For Life 00:01:50
War Season 00:01:47
Try Test Me – [Clean] 00:01:02
Money – [Clean] 00:00:53
Hustle 00:00:56
God A War – [Clean] 00:01:51
Call Me If 00:01:53
Nosey Neighbours
WAP [Clean]

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