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Freedom is a call from your soul, letting loose of all the things the bound you. Free is a concept which we often forget exist because we set all these situations on ourselves.

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FREE: not or no longer confined or imprisoned. Free your, heart, soul, mind and enjoy the ride. This gets a little dirty Ride it out and see where it takes you.

This episode is a mixture of Hip-hop, R&B (questionable) and Dancehall. We showcased a few tracks from Jacquees: King of R&B Album.

In the true sense of R&B, I think you have to do a little more singing to count as an R&B album. You be the judge! Yes, the boy can sing, but the album feels more R&B Hip-hop. Way too many features from rap artists.


Podcast Disclaimer 00:03:43
Mamacita (Instrumental) 00:02:53
Mamacita (Clean) 00:03:25
Big Shot (feat. Mustard) 00:02:02
djkayslayabwdahoodiebluefacemoneybaggyo-hocuspocus-cln 00:02:12
Don’t Waste My Time (Clean) – MP3WAXX 00:02:01
Don’t Waste My Time (Clean) – MP3WAXX 00:02:37
agnezmoefrenchmontana-diamonds-cln 00:03:34
Pray For Me (Clean) – MP3WAXX 00:02:38
RITMO (Bad Boys For Life) [Clean] 00:03:06
Warning (Clean) 00:03:15
chalmaine_thegod-coldblooded-cln 00:03:14
PARTYNEXTDOORThe-News 00:02:22
Young Trap (feat. Boneyafterparty) – My Ex (Intro Clean) 00:03:23
Speaking of the Devils and Angels – MP3WAXX 00:03:47
Risk It All ft. Torey Lanez (Clean) 00:03:57
Your Peace ft. Lil Baby (Clean) 00:04:25
Verify ft. Gunna & Young Thug (Clean) 00:03:24
futurelildurk-lastname-cln 00:02:05
Reply (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) 00:02:26
None Of Your Concern (Clean) – MP3WAXX
Alexandria (Dirty) – MP3WAXX 00:06:38
Tables Turn 00:02:50
Then You… And Me 00:02:06
Everything 00:01:31
Run This – [Clean] 00:01:44
New Life – [Clean] 00:02:07
Love Pum Pum 00:01:48
Can’t Go Without – [Clean] 00:01:24
Party All Night 00:01:24
Weh Stress a Go – [Clean] 00:01:17
Happy Yah Now 00:01:17
Nuh Average 00:01:51
Money Mood – [Clean] 00:01:50
Good Enough 00:01:41
Good Enough 00:01:32
Tek Bwoy Gyal 00:01:18
Fraud 00:01:51
Gal Every Week 00:01:47
Riskiness – [Clean] 00:01:24
Get Yuh Money Up – [Clean] 00:01:42
Give Thanks 00:01:27
Nuh Friendly 00:01:18
Top Boy 00:01:39
3 Dozen Gal 00:01:23
Tear Off 00:00:53
Different 00:01:02
Daya 00:01:43
True Colours 00:01:38
Idle 00:01:27
Money Heist – [Clean] 00:01:51
F.R.E.S.H 00:01:37
Mankind 00:01:30
Lamp Shade – [Clean] 00:01:38
You Deserve 00:01:37
Pop Henny 00:01:48
Knocka 00:01:48
Fi True 00:01:46
Vanilla 00:01:44
Badmind & Jealousy
Black Henny Riddim (Instrumental)

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