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Courage in pain or adversity. 2020 has presented us with new challenges no one was prepared for, changing the way we live and how we connect with each other.

This was the year for new media entertainment to flourish and gain a footing in mainstream culture. 2020 allowed us to readjust, refocus and turn passion into profit.


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Do Wi Ting – [Clean] 01:15:20
Sunshine [Instrumental] 00:10:37
Podcast Disclaimer 00:06:46
Sunshine 00:00:52
Spend Money 00:01:48
Foot Dem a Move 00:01:57
Distraction 00:01:05
Fling It 00:00:59
The Flava 00:02:05
Look Good 00:02:12
Fake Smile – [Clean] 00:01:21
Cheddar 00:01:24
Look Good – [Clean] 00:01:20
Fxck Partner – [Clean] 00:01:20
Fake Fren – [Clean] 00:01:16
Filthy Rich – [Clean] 00:01:03
Haters 00:01:17
Trust Issues – [Clean] 00:01:43
You’re The One 00:01:32
The One I Love 00:01:57
Nuh Tek Defeat – [Clean] 00:02:55
Smiling Is Ez 00:03:02
We Can Do This – [Clean] 00:02:35
Make the Ting Tense – [Raw] 00:01:28
Make the Ting Tense – [Clean] 00:01:09
A Better Way Out 00:02:03
Doin It Big – [Clean] 00:02:36
28 00:04:53
Give Me The Road 00:02:39
ray mom daughter 00:02:24
ray real one mix 00:02:36
Tequila Shots (Clean) 00:02:24
Lord I Know (Clean) 00:02:16
Wah Gwaan 00:02:12
Blessings 00:03:47
Money Fi Make 00:03:45
Real Good 00:03:22
Hold Your Head Up 00:05:07
TDA Riddim [Instrumental] 00:03:18
Watch Him Tone 00:02:46
She Is That Girl 00:02:19
Real Dawgs – [Clean] 00:00:25
She Is That Girl 00:00:51
Real Dawgs – [Clean] 00:01:34
Dutty Foot Can’t Step Clean 00:01:37
Respectfully – [Clean] 00:01:28
Days Like These 00:01:24
Best Life 00:01:26
Tek Him 00:01:37
Love Lost 00:01:56
The Pain 00:02:21
Rockstar Knights feat Trippie Redd (Clean) 00:02:32
Travis World & Iwer George (Feat. KMC) – One Wish Official Audio 00:00:17
Ray Lyrical I Can Be Dat 00:03:26
Sad People (Clean) 00:03:53
Show Out feat Pop Smoke and SKEPTA (Clean) 00:02:12
Travis World & Iwer George (Feat. KMC) – One Wish Official Audio 00:02:08
Slick Mason (Feat. Domingo) – Insomnia 2021 00:00:05
One Dance 00:01:33
Worry Less 00:00:51
No Money Making 00:01:21
Wine Pon Live 00:01:40
All of You 00:01:22
Buryberry – [Clean] 00:01:18
Dancehall Sex Appeal 00:01:16
Dem Nah Seh Nuttn (Blaah) 00:01:16
Chaser And Rum 00:01:38
Hold Me Tight 00:01:43
Mirror Love – [Clean] 00:01:47
When We Chill 00:01:44
Feelings 00:01:30
Wine For Me 00:01:10
Want It Again 00:00:57
Whole Day 00:01:18
Reach The Sky 00:01:41
Comfortable – [Clean] 00:02:16
Party Time Calling 00:01:54
Ben It – [Clean] 00:01:11
Holla 00:02:01
Lurkin (Clean)
Beautiful Trip (Clean)

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