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False + represents an error in the data or test. In this case, we did everything over the last 14 years to support the growth of urban and Caribbean culture through entertainment, podcast, blogs, conferences, web series, photo journals, and documentaries. At last, we are at our wits end.

This is that point when you evaluate your passion and decide if it makes sense!

TechMi Tech Talk with B

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Types of Redirects & Benefits

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  • 302 redirect – A 302 Redirect is a temporary redirection that you can use for temporarily moved content.

Building a Brand without a Website

Forwarding a Domain

Web Forwarding lets you attach your domain name to any existing Web site. Traffic that arrives at your domain name (www.your-chosen-domain.com) is forwarded through our computers to an existing Web address specified by you.


  • Gives you a customized Web address that is easy to remember and come back to.
  • Users can simply enter http://www.your-chosen-domain.com to get to your site. Our servers recognize the request and forward users to the address at your Web host. The process happens instantaneously and invisibly.
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Real Know Real 00:09:30
Don’t Rush (Instrumental – Remix) 00:45:04
Podcast Disclaimer 00:31:52
The Woo (feat. 50 Cent & Roddy Ricch) 00:02:38
Tap In (Cold Drop Mixshow) (Clean) 00:04:22
West Coast Shit (feat. Tyga & Quavo) 00:02:33
Make It Tik (Extended Mix) 00:03:30
Fkn Around 00:03:33
Girls In The Hood (Clean) 00:02:38
Something Special 00:09:52
Go Crazy (Instrumental) 00:14:52
TechMi Tech Talk with B
Wee Hours (PO Clean Edit) 00:08:44
The Bigger Picture (Clean Edit) 00:04:03
Can I (PO Clean Edit) 00:04:10
Black Parade (Clean) 00:04:03
Roses (Clean Edit – Remix) 00:02:30
Diana (feat. King Combs) 00:01:57
Tell Me U Luv Me (Clean Edit) 00:02:14
Yea Yea 00:03:15
Taco Tuesday 00:02:46
No Underwear – [Clean] 00:01:45
Miss You So Much 00:01:54
Figure It Out 00:01:39
Naked 00:02:31
1 Minute – [Clean] 00:00:36
Breaking News – [Clean] 00:02:13
Squeeze – [Clean] 00:03:13
Coolest Summer – [Clean] 00:03:35
Slow Whine (Clean) { MP3WAXX } 00:02:08
Chris Brown – I Love Her (lyrics) 00:02:22
Girlfriend (Clean) 00:02:21
Come Fly With Me (Explicit) 00:02:08
sasha ft fat man scoop – dat s 00:02:09
Wild Thoughts (Remix) (Wild Exchange) (Main Mix) @DJSabzUK 00:01:57
jeezy_-link_up(prod_by_dj_mustard)ft_ty_dolla$ign__beenie_man 00:01:45
Toast [Clean) 00:02:04
Toast (Clean) 00:02:08
Stylo G Ft. Sean Paul & Spice – Dumpling (Remix) October 2019 00:01:36
Gimmie Love Main 00:03:32
Slow Down (Clean)

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