Faith #beingAfricaAllah Vol 14_12

Mixtress Africa Allah
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In all things, we must exercise faith! We are a resilient nation dependant on tourism dollars to sustain our economy. Sept 2019 two of our major islands were hit by a catastrophic hurricane leaving the Bahamas is major debt in the billions.

Once again the Bahamas to face another major economic blow as tourism down as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic.

In all things have faith! Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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Bahamas Carnival Weekend 00:01:29
SocaPopUpdotParty 00:01:25
Bedroom Symphony 00:01:26
Feelings 00:02:15
Dweet Fi Yuh 00:01:50
Libido 00:01:48
Body Language 00:01:43
Life of a Spartan 00:02:02
Dickie 00:02:51
ME (Clean) 00:02:20
09 What I Need (CLEAN) SING MASTER 00:02:38
Devil Eyes 00:03:28
Ain’t Equal (Clean) 00:03:04
On Sight (Bonus Track) 00:03:22
Overtime (LeanMix 2020) (Clean) 00:03:17
The Other Side (from Trolls World Tour) (DJ Rahsheen Remix) (Clean) 00:03:01
SocaPopUpdotParty 00:01:55
Bahamas Carnival Weekend 00:02:02
Bumper Murder 00:02:50
Run Up And Down 00:02:05
NARP 00:02:05
Brace 00:01:34
Skinny Fabulous x Bunji Garlin – Reckless (Refix) 00:01:11
Motto x Marzville x Mighty – Bum Bum Grr (Vice Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:09
Shal Marshall x Teamfoxx – Fete Ram (Vice Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:01
Skinny Fabulous x Teamfoxx – Hold On (Vice Riddim) 2020 Soca (Official Audio) 00:01:03
Bunji Garlin – Block Away (Komess Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:55
Machel Montano – Everytime (Komess Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:40
Skinny Fabulous – Soca Trend (Craziness) (Komess Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:02:18
Bunji Garlin – Block Away (Komess Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:00:57
Motto x Bunji Garlin – Break A Branch (Komess Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:02:14
Ramp Up 00:01:55
Swing 00:02:03
Ride It 00:02:06
Iz We 00:01:45
Thankful 00:01:31
Boogie B x Mr Legz – Big Long Thing (Arrow Tip Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:04
Edwin – Call My Mother (Lyric Video) 2019 Soca (St Lucia) 00:00:59
Edwin Call My Mother (Official Roadmix) (Lucian Soca 2019) 00:02:15
Blackie – Horning Warning 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:03:11
Gwaan (Main) 00:01:53
Frissy – Pon It (Elevator Riddim) 2020 Soca Dennery Segment 00:01:20
Edwin – Elevator (Elevator Riddim) 2020 Soca Dennery Segment 00:01:30
Mr Killa – No Behaviour (Jab Nation Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:13
Mandella Linx – Leh Go D Dawg (Jab Nation Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:02
Lavaman – Live Stream (Jab Nation Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:01
Patrice Roberts x Travis World – Doh Watch Face 2020 Soca 00:01:17
Sekon Sta x Skorch Bun It – To The Max 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:13
Super Blue – Strange Things 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:13
Trinidad Ghost- I Aint See SOCA 2020 00:02:09
Pick A Side 00:02:35
Erphaan Alves & Kes – Pick A Side (Road Mix) 2020 Soca 00:03:04
Machel Montano x Problem Child ft. Ashleia – Facts 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:03:03
Patrice Roberts – Is We (One Bad Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:00:56
Shal Marshall – Bun Up (One Bad Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:02:11
Patrice Roberts – Is We (One Bad Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:23
Ultimate Rejects x Usain Bolt – Energy To Burn (Remix) 00:01:36
King Of The Party (Main) 00:01:58
Loyalty 00:01:56
Proud 00:01:40
Sun Goes Down 00:03:41
Kes & Iwer George – Stage Gone Bad (IC3MAN Remix) [Soca 2020] 00:03:21
SocaPopUpdotParty 00:01:52
Bahamas Carnival Weekend 00:02:04
Welcome To The Party [Remix] (Super Clean)
Welcome To The Party (Remix) (Clean)

Featured Events

Trap In Paradise Bahamas Carnival Friday hosted by Black Carpet Ent, Goddess Gang Global, SocaPopUp.Party and Starchasers. New York meets the Bahamas for a Pool Side Day party featuring Hip-hop, Soca and Bahamian Rake n Scrape
Fri. May 1, 2020
Carnival 2020 DJ Bravo & Fresh Ent Bah team up for Waves Bahamas Carnival Sunday All-Inclusive(Food & Drinks) Boat Ride leaving from Porters Cay Dock at 2:45pm. Waves 2020 is Designed and Developed Locally By a Team of Bacchanalists You Know and Love. Don’t Miss Out. Bahamas Carnival
Sunday, May 3

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