Discover Music Channel Intro

Get to know Discover Music Channel by PlayMas.Today.

Discover Music Channel is a podcast network created to support the growth of Caribbean and Caribbean American Content producers, Podcasters, and Artists as they explore new markets while staying authentically true to their brand, roots and vision.

The Discover Music Channel is a result of the structuring and rebranding of DIRadioCast one of the pioneering urban podcast in the United States.

With 14 years of experience in podcasting, new media and technology under its belt the network is distributed through over 34 channels including, iHeart Radio, Google Play Music & Spotify.

Discover Music Channel is a Caribbean & Urban Centric podcast network focused on music, culture, travel and festivals.  Content producers from around the Caribbean and of Caribbean descent provide weekly podcast products for the channel in the form of mix shows, talk shows, one-off infomercials and short-form segments. 

Ultimately our objective is to provide quality Caribbean and Urban programming for mainstream consumption. 

Discover Music Channel is a subsidiary of PlayMas.Today. PlayMas.Today is a Bahamian Media company located in Nassau, Bahamas. Its United State parent company is Distinctive Impression MMG located in Atlanta, GA.

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