Detox #beingAfricaAllah Vol16_03

Mixtress Africa Allah
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Total mental detox. No people! No influences! Just me, the music, the internet and news. The last 4 months have been an opportunity to see ourselves as we really are. I hope that at this time you have come to terms with who you are, what your purpose is, and how the rest of your life will play out.

As brand/personality and network, my objective is to help as many people realize their goals as a creative, entrepreneur or artist.



Judgement Day 00:02:15
Dark & Evil 00:02:17
John Wick – [Clean] 00:01:28
Nuh Beg 00:01:48
Crime Scene 00:01:35
Badness 00:01:23
Darkside 00:01:30
Any Weh 00:01:19
Money Pree – [Clean] 00:02:01
BIG BIG – [Clean] 00:01:51
Dream life – [Clean] 00:01:42
Watch dem – [Clean] 00:01:20
Aircraft – [Clean] 00:01:43
Trick’a Treat – [Clean] 00:01:36
Up Deh – [Raw] 00:01:15
Up Deh – [Clean] 00:01:50
Pass Code 00:02:13
Drippin in Sauce 00:01:25
Feel Like 00:01:03
Go Girl – [Clean] 00:01:28
Deal Wid It 00:01:29
Game Over 00:01:26
Shootin Star 00:02:43
Yolo 00:04:06
Cherry Pie (feat. Pharrell Williams) 00:14:14
Techmi Tech Talk
Cole – I Can Do Too (Remix) (Produced By The Neptunes) (Instrumental) 00:14:39
Long Nights 00:03:51
Wonderful [Radio] 00:01:58
Know My Rights (feat. Lil Baby) 00:02:17
Doing It All Together 00:02:29
Free Porn Cheap Drugs 00:02:10
Thinking out Loud 00:02:09
Lazarus 00:02:27
Lovely State Of Mind 00:02:30
Float 00:03:55
I Wonder How Love Feels 00:03:19
Little Mama 00:01:43
Wash Us In The Blood (Clean) 00:03:30
Blue Diamonds (Clean) 00:03:18
Girls In The Hood (Radio Drop) 00:01:58
Girls In The Hood (Clean) 00:02:04
Every Night Of The Year 00:02:12
Do It (Clean)
Whats Poppin (Remix) (Clean)

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