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This week, I wanted to focus on the underdog, the artists and tracks that people are afraid to play because they are mot familiar with the vibe. Get to know music from artists like Dro Capone, Dope Goddess, Ace the Rapper, Twiwdem, Sleepy Lex, Promise MC all representing the islands of the Bahamas. Explore the recently releases dancehall riddims and a few mainstream artists.

The world is slowly opening back up. I hope during this time you had a chance to discover who you are and what you are good at!


Podcast Disclaimer
World Doesn’t Know It Yet (WDKIY) Master 00:07:16
I Dream 00:04:37
KAiROS Running Back 00:04:22
Taco Tuesday (Clean) 00:03:00
Weight On It (Radio) 00:02:01
HMF (chopped and screwed by DJ Moe) 00:01:49
Dro-Capone – Over Due 00:02:13
Stunnaveli – Still In Love 00:02:19
HELPLESS 00:02:41
Exotics 00:03:36
Twindem – Tissues [Official Audio] 00:02:56
Laugh Now Kry Later (Clean) 00:03:29
Jeré ft Ace The Rapper – $auce Dreams (Khodee Gang) [Prod.Josh Petruccio] 00:03:54
Chargie 00:02:02
Me Will Dweet 00:01:15
Echo 00:01:01
Dem Fraid a Me 00:01:22
Target 00:02:09
Dirt 00:01:50
Anything 00:00:55
Guns Out 00:00:51
Pree 00:01:20
Blow My Mind 00:01:29
Put It In 00:01:36
Shady Friends 00:01:31
No Licks 00:01:09
R.O.D. (Ride or Die) 00:01:23
Name of the Game 00:01:58
Dem Nuh Real 00:01:36
Injustice 00:02:08
Die Young 00:01:55
Stress Free 00:01:38
Legend 00:01:41
Work Wid You – [Clean] 00:01:36
Dance with Me 00:01:29
Affi Mek It 00:01:40
Diamond In The Rough 00:01:06
Mega Star – [Clean] 00:01:08
Grip – [Clean] 00:01:02
Fcuk 00:01:14
Champion 00:01:37
Everytime 00:01:32
Relentless 00:01:16
Book Smart 00:01:41
Family 00:01:37
Afi Rich – [Clean] 00:01:08
Welcome The Trauma – [Clean] 00:01:04
Fresh – [Clean] 00:01:23
Extra – [Clean] 00:01:34
1 Style Dem Have 00:00:49
Brandish Mi Gun 00:00:48
Brawlin Murda 00:01:04
Beauty & Beast 00:01:19
Zombie Dance 00:01:11
Over Joy 00:01:41
Changes 00:02:30
Country Twerk ft. Skyler Clark (Clean) – MP3WAXX 00:02:09
Twindem – Real One [Official Audio] 00:02:11
Twindem – Main Squeeze (feat. Nakhaz, JudahThaLion) [Official Audio] 00:03:01
Less Niggaz More Paper 00:02:23
Real U (remix) 00:01:27
Man Clean 00:01:04
Own Company 00:01:52
Alien Mode Riddim [Instrumental] 00:02:13
Twindem – Trippin (feat. Sleepy Lexx) [Official Audio] 00:02:02
Lexx X Zhary – We Fly High (unreleased) 00:01:51
Back Home (Clean) 00:01:28
Not You Too (Clean) 00:02:21
Ándale! 00:02:26
D4L (Clean) 00:02:01
Dro-Capone – Up For The Night (Feat. Red Dread) 00:01:33
Landed (Clean) 00:01:19
Dro-Capone – Island Boss 00:01:50
Da Mob (Clean) 00:02:05
Help Me Breathe (Dirty) – MP3WAXX 00:02:09
LOVE 00:02:07
War (Clean) 00:02:07
NO Means NO 00:02:17
Dro-Capone – R.N.A (Real Nigga Anthem) 00:01:23
Righteous (Clean) 00:01:04
Dro-Capone – No One
James Woo Woo (R-You Acapella In) (Dirty Extended) 00:01:18
Dro-Capone – Just Road

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