#beingAfricaAllah Vol 18_02 Expectations

Mixtress Africa Allah

A strong belief that something will happen or be the case. Expectation is where disappointment starts. You can’t expect others to do what you would do. In relationships or business a clear understanding of expectation should be outlined in conversation or text additionally each party should be held accountable.

This week’s show features future hits from Dec 2020 – Jan 2021, along with classic Reggae and new Afrobeat tracks. It is my objective to expose you to new music, classic hits and change your listening habits. Join me every Wednesday as I spill my emotions over the airwaves.

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Naughty List 00:21:50
Podcast Disclaimer 00:02:47
Holy (PO Clean Edit) 00:02:00
Santa Baby 00:02:23
Santa Do It (Clean) 00:02:14
Smile (Explicit) 00:02:08
Franchise (PO Clean Edit) 00:01:36
Pinned To The Cross (Instrumental) 00:01:28
Pinned To The Cross (Explicit) 00:03:12
Bad Habits 00:04:17
Gifted (Explicit) 00:03:01
Nah Nah Nah (Clean Edit – Remix) 00:02:30
Weak (Clean Edit) 00:02:15
Better 00:03:19
Body Language (Explicit) 00:03:34
Blind (Explicit) 00:02:15
Pain Away (Clean Edit) 00:04:16
Damage 00:02:21
Alright 00:03:29
Come Back Home 00:03:46
Girlie Girlie 00:01:50
Double Barrel 00:01:19
Sex Me 00:02:10
You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No) (Trojan Mix) 00:02:56
Buru 00:02:32
54-46 Was My Number 00:02:05
Black IPA 00:01:53
Night Nurse 00:01:45
No Disturb Sign 00:01:55
Push Come To Shove 00:01:37
Uptown Top Ranking 00:02:20
It’s Growing 00:02:14
Mysterious Girl 00:01:29
Blinding Lights (PO Intro Edit) 00:01:35
Be Like That (PO Intro Edit – Clean) 00:01:49
BB King Freestyle (Clean Edit) 00:02:55
Typewriter 00:02:42
Come Over 00:03:41
Mood Swings (Clean Edit) 00:03:40
Mood Swings (Clean Edit) 00:01:35
L.O.V.E 00:01:32
Mood (Clean Single Edit) 00:01:32
Go Crazy (PO Intro Edit – Clean) 00:01:46
Child of the World 00:03:31
Body (PO Clean Edit) 00:02:12
Sexy Body 00:01:21
The Mood 00:01:33
Love Looks Better (PO Clean Edit) 00:01:36
Girls I See 00:02:32
In a New Place 00:02:10
Kitty Talk (Explicit) 00:01:28
Expensive (Explicit) 00:02:43
Rotation (Explicit) 00:03:07
I Can’t Kill Myself 00:02:14
What That Speed Bout!? (PO Clean Edit) 00:01:37
Jamaican In New York 00:01:39
Levitating (PO Clean Edit) 00:02:15
Back To You (Clean Edit) 00:02:26
Diamonds 00:02:02
Twist & Turn 00:01:53
Take You Dancing
Hit Different (Explicit)

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