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It’s just a few days before Christmas and before you know it, it will be a new Year. Before anything, we should give thanks for all the blessing that we have encountered and the ability to see a new day. This episode features new dancehall tunes, our signature PlayMas segment with our guest Rik Carey and all 2020 Soca.

Music Produced by Rik Carey Written by Rik Carey Recorded at C Sharp Productions Ltd. Studio Nassau, Bahamas. Video Directed by Sherard Campbell and Gia for iFocus Visuals. * Wardrobe: by.yashica * Main Dancers: Myrkeeva & Dancer Kiki ? * Special guest appearances: Chris “Sketch” Carey, Lady E, Bodine Victoria, Ruby Forté, Erin Reign, Ebony Bahamas, Anthony “Monks” Flowers, Mykah Smith, RCarey The Band. * Jonah’s Bar * SoulFood Catering * Vista Marina Condos * Models at 360 Entertainment ……………………………………………………………………. Follow Rik Carey Socials: IG: Twitter: › rik_carey_world Facebook: Soundcloud: › rik-carey

PlayMas: the Rik Carey interview explores Bahamian music, the Bahamas Carnival platform and finding a sound that is uniquely Bahamian.


Reign Riddim [Instrumental] 00:03:30
Podcast Disclaimer 00:03:19
Slow Down (Clean) 00:03:41
W 00:04:26
Premiere Gyallis – [Clean] 00:01:52
Overseas – [Clean] 00:01:41
Star Bwoy – [Clean] 00:01:49
Gyallis D.N.A – [Clean] 00:01:31
Bring Di Sumn Come – [Clean] 00:01:10
Chop – [Clean] 00:01:18
Chop – [Clean] 00:01:46
Slippery Wet – [Clean] 00:02:05
Best Fuck – [Clean] 00:02:12
Weh Yuh Know Bout – [Clean] 00:02:06
I’m so Bless – [Clean] 00:05:18
Too Good – [Clean] 00:03:15
PlayMas _Rik Carey
Carrying On Bad (Radio) – Rik Carey (Fullersound 320kbps) 00:03:50
Rude And No Manners 00:03:16
Jump Up 00:01:19
Bumpa 00:02:14
Lavaman – Prove It (The Joker Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:52
Blaka Dan – Watah (The Joker Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:36
Adrian Dutchin X Mr Legz – Throw Thing 2020 Soca 00:01:29
Juby – Dance 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:46
Tony P – Party (Tuff Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:46
Bunji Garlin – Magician (Tuff Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:15
Problem Child – Galcohol (Bounce It Back Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:10
Olatunji – Performance (Bounce It Back Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:19
Nessa Preppy (feat M1) – Bubble (Produced by Jillionaire & OYE!!) 00:01:48
Alison Hinds – West Indian (Official Lyric Video) 2020 Soca 00:02:00
Voice & Kes – Dear Promoter 2020 Soca 00:02:48
Ricardo Drue – You Should Be Here 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:02:10
Patrice Roberts – Soak Me Good 2020 Soca 00:01:17
Machel Montano – Good Wifi Jackson Bay Project 2020 Soca 00:01:03
Patrice Roberts – Soak Me Good 2020 Soca 00:01:11
Problem Child – Oh Lorde Jackson Bay Project 2020 Soca 00:01:41
Bunji Garlin – Mad People 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:54
Ricardo Drue – RIP (Tumbi Riddim) [prod by. Jus Now] 00:01:26
M1 aka Menace – Party Capital (Tumbi Riddim) [prod by. Jus Now] 00:01:17
Kes – Dey Wah Soca (Tumbi Riddim) [prod by. Jus Now] 00:01:20
Kes – Dey Wah Soca (Tumbi Riddim) [prod by. Jus Now] 00:01:14
Chalmer John – Balance (Tumbi Riddim) [prod by. Jus Now] 00:01:08
Olatunji – TGIF (Produced by Jillionaire & Roendy Rosanjo) 00:01:24
Fadda Fox – Drink (Hello Bacchanal Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:31
5Star Akil – Right Down (Hello Bacchanal Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:15
Nailah Blackman – More Sokah 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:14
Farmer Nappy – Fete Wid Meh Dahlin’ 2020 Soca [Red Boyz Music] 00:01:13
L. I. T. (Lost in Translation) 00:01:32
Guilty 00:01:55
Bunji Garlin + Fuse ODG – Whole Place 2020 Release (Trinidad) 00:01:27
Pumpa – She Got The Juice Straight Jacket Riddim 2020 Soca 00:01:55
Gal Go Yah Way (Main) 00:01:46
Skinny Fabulous – Different Person (Street Vice Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:03
Shal Marshal x Busy Signal – We Out Deh (Street Vice Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:08
Konshens & V’ghn – Hooked On Soca [prod by Stadic & Jonny Blaze] 00:01:58
Shal Marshall – Two Knee (Fender Bender Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:46
Problem Child – Sweet Yuh (Fender Bender Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:14
Skinny Fabulous – The Most (Uber Soca Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:00:56
King James – Callin Meh (Uber Soca Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:00:44
V’ghn & Lyrikal – IDK (Uber Soca Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:00:38
Pumpa – R.I.P. (Uber Soca Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:00:47
Ricardo Drue – Miss Behave (Uber Soca Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:23
Patrice Roberts, Nessa Preppy, Travis World & Dan Evens – Splash (Caribé Rosé Riddim) Soca 2020 00:01:50
Shal Marshall x Teamfoxx – Hot Gyal Soca (Toating Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:40
Rae x Teamfoxx – Work It (Toating Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:20
Nadia Batson x Teamfoxx – Kiss (Toating Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:00:46
Motto x Nessa Preppy x Teamfoxx – Toat No Feelings (Toating Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:00:44
Olatunji x Nailah Blackman – Woi Ya 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:00:54
Patrice Roberts X CL Productions – Hide & Seek (Star-Crossed Riddim) 00:01:25
MarzVille X The Element Band – Come Into You 2020 Soca (Sugar Stick Riddim) 00:01:27
Kes – Dushi (Juicy) (Project 2020 Riddim) 2020 Soca [Anson Pro] 00:01:38
Jus D, Travis World & Dan Evens – Hot Gyal (Caribé Rosé Riddim) Soca 2020 00:01:36
Abdiel X CL Productions – Bring Da Whine (Star-Crossed Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:00:56
Woman (Instrumental)

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