Another Day in Paradise #beingAfricaAllah Vol14_06

Feeling Fete-ish

May 1-3, 2020  Bahamas Carnival in Nassau, Bahamas

Check out the photos from the Feeling Fets-Ish costume launch event Sunday, Jan 26.

Contact: 242.423.5523 for costume pricing

PlayMas Interview

Trevor Davis of Polantro Group and Alpha Sounds talks to us about all thing Bahamas Carnival 2020.

Trap In Paradise Bahamas Carnival Friday hosted by Black Carpet Ent, Goddess Gang Global, SocaPopUp.Party and Starchasers. New York meets the Bahamas for a Pool Side Day party featuring Hip-hop, Soca and Bahamian Rake n Scrape

This week’s show is brought to you by Fresh Celebration of love & SocaPopUp.Party


Featured Events

DJ Bravo & Fresh Ent Bah team up for Waves Bahamas Carnival Sunday All-Inclusive(Food & Drinks) Boat Ride leaving from Porters Cay Dock at 2:45pm. Waves 2020 is Designed and Developed Locally By a Team of Bacchanalists You Know and Love. Don’t Miss Out.

Band Launch Dates:

Friday, Feb 7 Bahamas Masqueraders Presents Legacy Costume Launch 7pm at the BahMas Camp (Fire Trail Road) Get Tickets

Saturday, Feb 8 Enigma presents Pandora’s Box of Secrets 8pm at Mario’s Bowling Alley

Carnival dates are as follows:

Trinidad Feb 24-25, Jamaica April 16-20 and Bahamas May 1-3. Always plan to get in a few days earlier than advertised to experience the parties, entertainment and culture.

This year Bahamas Carnival brings you an entire week of activities Starting from Friday, April 24 with Survival Weekend by King Alpha Sound.

Monday, April 27 Lime with your friends at “DI Social”Tuesday, April 28 party different in “Wassi’s World” with Giselle the Wassi One and Team Soca. Wednesday, April 29 Bahamas’ biggest foam event comes to Carnival weekend “Foam Madness” by Big Boy Production. Thursday, April 30 Night it’s J’ouvert night in the City with two big J’ouverts happening on both ends of the island. Friday, May 1 Carnival weekend kicks off with a plethora of events and activities, however, the Jumpoff starts at “Trap in Paradise” Day Pool Party by Goddess Gang, Black Carpet Ent, Starchasers & SocaPopUp.Party. Later that evening pop out to the official Mas in Paradise weekend of concerts and Caribbean Entertainment. Saturday, May 2 We are on the road for Bahamas Carnival “Road March”Sunday, May 3 It’s “Waves Boat Ride” by DJ Bravo & Fresh Ent Bah.

Playlist: Another Day in Paradise

Jay-Z feat. Beanie Sigel – Once Again It’s On 00:11:22
Podcast Disclaimer 00:11:14
New Year New Money 00:02:18
100 Round 00:02:42
Therapy Session CLEAN VERSION 00:01:38
These Times (M) – Philandru 00:02:34
Sky High G Mix 00:02:22

  • Freddy Krueger | 00:02:14
    TonAsh – Checks (clean) produced by Penacho 00:02:04
    Near DIstance 00:02:51
    Lurking 00:02:56
    bram-nyne_people-business 00:01:38
    Acrophobia 00:02:19
    i know you that playplay youngstrive – Copy 00:03:17
    The Realest Alive (feat. T.I.) 00:03:32
    Get Back Right (Clean) 00:03:23
    Rodeo (Clean) 00:04:04
    LOVE 00:03:09
    SocaPopUpdotParty 00:01:14
    Fresh COl Feb 14 00:01:39
    Dive 00:01:19
    Celebrate 00:00:54
    Ever Clean 00:01:00
    One Minute Xtra 00:01:22
    Ultimate Rejects – In The Dust 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:44
    Olatunji x Preedy – Shell It Down 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:29
    Skinny Banton – Outta Control (Jab Nation Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:18
    Mr Killa – No Behaviour (Jab Nation Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:08
    Mandella Linx – Leh Go D Dawg (Jab Nation Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:05
    Lavaman – Live Stream (Jab Nation Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:03
    Jaiga & Boyzie – Iz We (The Fete Project) 2020 Soca 00:01:17
    King James x Intl Stephen – My team Lit (The Fete Project) 2020 Soca 00:01:54
    Skinny Fabulous x Teamfoxx – Hold On (Vice Riddim) 2020 Soca (Official Audio) 00:01:42
    Shal Marshall x Teamfoxx – Fete Ram (Vice Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:49
    Motto x Marzville x Mighty – Bum Bum Grr (Vice Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:00:46
    Motto – Make It Rain (Vice Riddim) 2020 Soca (Official Audio) 00:00:56
    Machel Montano – Everytime (Komess Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:05
    Bunji Garlin – Block Away (Komess Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:14
    Skinny Fabulous – Soca Trend (Craziness) (Komess Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:01:34
    Motto x Bunji Garlin – Break A Branch (Komess Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:02:47
    Fender Bender Riddim (Instrumental) 00:12:55
    Fresh COl Feb 14 00:01:00
    SocaPopUpdotParty 00:00:32
    PlayMas_Polantra group 00:09:53
    Slave To Your Body 00:01:37
    In Front Of You 00:02:00
    Patrice Murrell ft Swappi Heavy Weight 00:01:17
    Adrian Dutchin X Mr Legz – Throw Thing 2020 Soca 00:00:54
    Chinese Laundry x Super Blue x Ravi B x Trinidad Killa – Omalay Reloaded (Remix) 00:00:59
    Ms Fluffy – Attitude (The Joker Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:00:56
    Blaka Dan – Watah (The Joker Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:00:50
    Lavaman – Prove It (The Joker Riddim) 2020 Soca 00:00:51
    Ovadose – Nip n Chip 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:02
    Linky – Corn Soup 2020 Soca 00:00:58
    Ricky_T_-So_Bad_Caution_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:00:46 LyrikalDo_Like_That_Caution_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:00:47 Nadia_BatsonFatt_Caution_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:00:40 Skinny_FabulousUp_Up_Caution_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:00:51 Hollywood_HP-_Drinking_All_Day_Caution_Riddim_2019_Soca 00:01:28
    Nailah Blackman – Bam Bam Season (Official Animation) 2020 Soca 00:01:45
    Subance & Uncle Ellis – Salty Water (Big Back Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:16
    Mysta Lyon – Big Back (Big Back Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:07
    Majestic – Stamina (Big Back Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:27
    Lavaman – Finish (Big Back Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:29
    Lady Lava – Shakey (Big Back Riddim) 2020 Soca (Trinidad) 00:01:18
    DJ Private Ryan & Preedy – No Standing Up Soca 2020 (Trinidad) 00:02:48
    She got that Junkanoo 00:03:18
    She got that Junkanoo 00:01:07

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