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Sunday, Sept. 1 Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Northwestern Bahamas impacting Abaco and Grand Bahamas as a Category 5 hurricane.

We (in Nassau) were not even in the direct path of Dorian and suffered a nationwide power outage, flooding and loss of communications. Nassau, which is considered the central Bahamas, could not have withstood a category 5 hurricane.

Relief workers describe ‘apocalyptic’ scenes after islands hit by one of most powerful Atlantic storms ever recorded.

Dorian is now the fifth hurricane to reach category five—the highest level possible on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale—over the past four hurricane seasons in the North Atlantic.

Between 1924 and 2019 there have been only 35 category 5 hurricanes in the North Atlantic. Having five such storms form over just the past four hurricane seasons is way beyond the average occurrence rate.

Even more remarkable is that Dorian broke the record for the strongest storm so far north in the Atlantic east of Florida. Historically, the farther north a hurricane moves in the Atlantic the cooler the sea surface temperatures it encounters, which typically causes the storm to weaken. This time, however, the sea surface temperatures were warm enough to add energy and power to the hurricane. Having sea surface temperatures above what hurricanes need to be fueled, combined with slow-moving speed, can allow a storm to maintain major hurricane status (category 3 or above) for a longer time period.

What’s contributing to these warmer sea surface temperatures? Over the past half century, the ocean has absorbed more than 90 percent of the excess warming caused by burning fossil fuels and overloading the atmosphere with carbon. In keeping with this trend, the globally-averaged ocean temperature for July 2019 was the highest departure from average (+0.84 degrees Celsius; +1.51 degrees Fahrenheit) for July over the entire period of record (1880-2019).

At times, Dorian moved slower than most people walk along its devastating path over the Bahamas.

Dorian went through not just one, but two rapid intensifications (i.e. greater than 35 miles per hour increase in wind speed in less than 24 hours).

Before Dorian, it was unprecedented for rapid intensification to occur from an initial wind intensity greater than or equal to 130 knots (around 150 miles per hour) in the Atlantic. Historically a rare behavior, rapid intensifications of storms have become a dangerous feature of recent Atlantic hurricane seasons. This is why researchers are working hard to increase understanding to better predict rapid intensification and give earlier warning to those along the likely path of the storm. Research links rapid intensification with climate change.

Dorian generated massive storm surge in the Bahamas.

The forecasted storm surge for the Bahamas was between 18 and 23 feet. On-the-ground witnesses reported that the Grand Bahama International Airport in Freeport was submerged by Dorian storm surge. The reported elevation of the airport is around 6-8 feet above mean sea level, and the water level was several more feet above ground level. Early satellite imagery suggests around 60 percent submerged land during the catastrophic storm surge for Grand Bahama Island.

Now to Rebuild

There are countless agencies, organizations, foundations, businesses and non-profits posting relief efforts. We ask that you do your due diligence and research, as many unsavoury people will feed off the emotions of the public for their own gain.

National Emergency Management Agency

Gladstone Road south of Aquinas College 
P.O. Box N-7147
Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas

Web Site:
Phone:(242) – 322-6081/5

Bahamas Government
Hurricane Dorian EMT Registration Form
Published Date : September 3, 2019

The Government of The Bahamas welcomes volunteers.  Please complete the Hurricane Dorian EMT Registration Form and wait to be contacted by the Ministry of Health.

Please e-mail all completed forms to


Locations to drop off supplies:USA| CANADA

What We Need

Here is a list of items that are needed by those affected by Hurricane Dorian:

Building Supplies:

  • Plywood/Lumber
  • Sheet rock
  • Roofing materials (shingles, tar paper, etc.)
  • Drip caps
  • Nails
  • Plastic Sheeting Rolls/Tarpaulin (various sizes)
  • Chain Saws

Cleaning Supplies:

  • Mops & Buckets
  • Towels & towelettes
  • Gloves
  • Wet Wipes
  • Large Plastic Trash Bags
  • Bleach
  • Chlorine tablets
  • Lysol
  • Disinfectant


  • Water & Water Containers
  • Canned goods
  • Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s)
  • Non-perishable Dry Goods
  • Baby Juice
  • Baby Food
  • Baby Formula
  • Cereal

Home & Outdoor:

  • Generators
  • Portable Stoves
  • Butane Canisters
  • Blankets
  • Air Mattresses
  • Mattresses (single or double)
  • Pillows
  • Sheet sets

Safety & Hygiene:

  • First Aid Kits
  • Water Filtration Devices
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Flashlights
  • Hygiene Kits
  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes

*Although it is appreciated we are unable to accept used clothes or old mattresses.

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4th Quarter Riddim [Instrumental]
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