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 Thank the lord for life, love, laughter and music. Mostly, thanks for life so I can experience it through music. I have made quite a few cycles around the sun and I really don’t know what’s the next step or the plan. ‘

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Today, I will celebrate because tomorrow is not promised. 

There is another storm brewing traveling along the same path as the last. I have never felt so helpless and afraid. The Bahamas government is still  clearing out the islands. We cannot take any more of a beating.

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Lyrikal – Rukshun (Darkseid Riddim) 2019 Soca”,”00:32:51″
Lavaman – Throw It Out (Darkseid Riddim) 2019 Soca (Grenada)”,”00:30:19″
“Jab People! “”2019 Soca”” (Official Audio)”,”00:03:05″
“Dis Is Mas (Soca 2019)”,”00:01:27″
“Dis Is Mas (Soca 2019)”,”00:02:00″
“Just Wait “”2018 Soca”” (Grenada)”,”00:02:11″
“Just Wait (Remix) “”2018 Soca”” (Official Audio)”,”00:02:28″
“TPM ( The People Man ) Saint Lucia 2018″,”00:02:23”
“Stiffy – Mavis -2018 Soca- [Monstapiece]”,”00:01:44″
“Bend And Roll (Mango Seed Riddim) [2018 Soca] [HD]”,”00:01:14″
“COUGAR (Mask Man Riddim) SpiceMas 2018″,”00:01:32”
“I Doh Care (Mask Man Riddim) [2018 Soca] [HD]”,”00:01:42″
“Weh De Rum [2018 Soca] [HD]”,”00:01:19″
“Voice Wuss Ways Travis_World-Pandemonium_Soca_2019″,”00:03:07”
“Leggo De Jab {Grenada Soca 2019} Bandit Jab Riddim”,”00:02:29″
“Bend Right Ova (Bandit Jab Riddim) “”2019 Grenada Soca”””,”00:01:18″
“Jamming [2019 Soca]__”,”00:01:36″
“Fayann Lyons ft Tallpree Go Through”,”00:02:36″
“Trouble In The Morning (Morning After Riddim) “”2018 Soca”””,”00:01:57″
“Wha Dis”,”00:01:17″
“Say Less “,”00:01:13”
“Hold Back”,”00:00:56″
“Good Boy”,”00:01:46″
“Hands Free”,”00:01:51″
“Kiss & Tell”,”00:01:08″
“Girls Dem Suga “,”00:01:01”
“What A Place “,”00:01:06”
“In Front Of You”,”00:01:31″
“Touch Me”,”00:01:26″
“Toco Loco”,”00:01:00″
“Nah Let Go”,”00:00:35″
“Toco Loco”,”00:00:36″
“Touch Me”,”00:00:46″
“Problem Child – Whole Heart (10X Over Riddim) 2019 Soca [Precision Productions]”,”00:01:44″
“Trap Beckham – Birthday Bitch (Audio)”,”00:01:54″
“Virgo – Doug E. Fresh”,”00:03:18″
“Bend And Stretch (Clean)”,”00:03:06″
“Chun-Li (Clean)”,”00:03:11″
“Casanova & Fabolous – So Brooklyn (AUDIO)”,”00:04:02″
“We Run Things (It’s Like Dat)”,”00:02:05″
“Simon Says (clean)”,”00:02:03″
“Dre Day(clean)Snoop Dogg & Dr Dre”,”00:02:21″
“Music Makes Me High Rmx(clean)Lost Boyz”,”00:01:32″
“Royal(g thang rmx)Lorde”,”00:00:59″
“Ain’t Nothing But A G Thing(clean)Snoop Dogg & Dre”,”00:00:53″
“Hit Em Up Rmx(clean)”,”00:00:57″
“B. Please”,”00:01:10″
“Change The Game(clean)Jay-Z”,”00:01:44″
“Slow down”,”00:01:51″
“Back That Thang Up”,”00:02:14″
“Lizzo – Tempo (feat. Missy Elliott) [Official Audio]”,”00:03:19″
“Wait (The whisper song)”,”00:01:36″
“Up Down(Do This All Day)edit-T-Pain feat. B.o.B”,”00:02:00″
“Red Nose”,”00:02:37″
“Blow the Whistle – www.Jalibury.com”,”00:01:40″
“DJ Snake, Lil Jon – Turn Down for What”,”00:01:29″
“U And Dat (Radio Edit)”,”00:01:27″
“Left, Right (Clean)”,”00:01:50″
“07. Left, Right (Clean)”,”00:02:29″
“Go BestFriend 2.0 (Clean)”,”00:02:09″
“Twerk (Remix) (Clean)”,”00:02:15″
“On & On (Clean)”,””
“Toast [Clean)”,””

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