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#PhotoRecap -Survival Weekend “Glow Fete”

Survival Weekend  Glow Fete. Alpha Sounds host its annual Bahamas Carnival lead up event with performances by Lyrikal, Patrice Roberts, Shal Marshall, Voice, Benje and Patrice Murell.

#PhotoRecap Kalik Light Platinum Road March

One week to Bahamas Carnival. Kalik Light Platinum host its annual Warm Up Road March with free Kalik Light Platinum and all the road march essential.


Inside the Festival – BWF 9 Annual Grill Master itf 04

Bahamas Carnival season is amongst us, but we had to take a quick break for FOOD PORN. Enjoy this episode of Inside the Festival with BWF 9th Annual Grill Master Competition.

#PhotoRecap Just Vibes by Dyson Knight

Thursday, April 19 Bahamian Artist Dyson Knight hosted Just Vybez to celebrate the release of his new record and in the process unveiled two additional hits produced by Freddy Stix of HD Boyz.

Rum & Kalik (Insomniac Mix)- The Mixtress

Is Jam! Time for Bahamas Carnival 2018 Insomniac All Day Fete hosted by PlayMas.Today at Celebrity Status on Friday, May 4. 12 hours of Non-stop Bahamas Carnival Vibes with 12 DJS from around the world giving you a taste of the Caribbean while we consume Bahamian Rum and Kalik (the official beer of Bahamas Carnival). This is just a prelude to what’s to come.

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Playlist – Rum & Kalik

Fresh Intro 00:10:09
Clean (Remix) “2018 Soca” 00:33:25
Sweetness “2018 Soca” (Barbados Crop Over) 00:03:39
Bubbaling (Official Remix) “2018 Soca” 00:03:02
Bunji-BNW-Master-Main 00:02:26
Kyron – Queen Of D Pack 00:01:56
D Natural x Kool – Hustlers Jouvert (Woodslave Riddim) _2018 Soca_ (Trinidad) 00:02:13
Lyrikal – The Love (Woodslave Riddim) _2018 Soca_ (Trinidad) 00:02:24
Skinny Fabulous – Dutty & Grimey (Woodslave Riddim) _2018 Soca_ (Trinidad) 00:01:52
Take Body “2018 Soca” (Barbados) 00:02:24
GBM Nutron & GBM Milko – Life101 -2018 Soca- (Trinidad) 00:02:54
Timaya – Sanko -2015 soca%2Fafrobeats- 00:03:40
Turner x Machel Montano x Flavour – She Bad (Official Remix) _2018 Soca_ 00:02:49
Unconditional 00:01:28
Ring D Bell 00:01:32
Jiggle It 00:02:32
Body Language 00:02:18
Skinny Fabulous – Every Gyal (Caribbean Rock Riddim) -2018 Soca 00:01:46
Lyrikal – Yuh Bless [Dirty] (Caribbean Rock Riddim) _2018 Soca_ 00:01:39
Lyrikal – Yuh Bless [Dirty] (Caribbean Rock Riddim) _2018 Soca_ 00:02:00
Marzville – Take It From Ya (Happiness Riddim) _2018 Soca 00:02:08
Black Shadow ft. Mr Vegas – Work (Happiness Riddim) _2018 Soca 00:01:25
Black Shadow x Skinny Fabulous – Right Here (Happiness Riddim) _2018 Soca_ 00:02:02
Roll It 00:02:28
Press Play 00:02:07
Lifestyle 00:01:45
Full Of Vibe 00:01:42
Kerwin Du Bois & Kes – Feteland (Haze Riddim) -2018 Soca- (Trinidad) 00:01:32
Teddyson John – Gimme Dat (Haze Riddim) -2018 Soca- 00:01:02
Teddyson John – Gimme Dat (Haze Riddim) -2018 Soca- 00:01:15
Preedy – Second To None (Leanerz Riddim) -2017 Release- (Trinidad) 00:01:41
Sekon Sta – Other Man (Leanerz Riddim) -2017 Release- (Trinidad) 00:02:22
Patrice Roberts – All Of It -2018 Soca- 00:01:51
Trinidad Ghost – Party (PING PONG RIDDIM) 00:01:27
Pternsky – Pram Pram (PING PONG RIDDIM) 00:01:24
Salty & Romie Rome – Shake (Ping Pong Riddim) -2017 Release- (Trinidad) 00:01:27
Rough Wine 00:02:10
Your Body 00:02:06
Wining School 00:01:41
Turna “2018 Soca” 00:02:49
Bobo – Tek Time (Ram Pam Riddim) -2017 Soca- (Barbados) 00:02:30
Your Body – V’ghn x Intl Stephen 00:02:02
Bumpa 00:02:12
Wet Goods 00:01:39
JLo 00:01:41
PROfessional 00:01:33
Waist & Bucket 00:01:26
Give It To Ya [Remix] 00:01:26
Give It To Ya (Remix) “2018 Soca” 00:01:31
Kes & Patrice Roberts – Like It Like That (2AM Project) -2018 Soca- 00:01:03
Shal Marshall – Splinters (2AM Project) -2018 Soca- 00:01:04
Problem Child – Middle Of Something (2AM Project) -2018 Soca- 00:01:37
Umi Marcano – Red Dress -2018 Soca- (Trinidad) 00:01:37
IS JAM 00:02:19
Live Good ft Ding Dong (Outlaw Riddim) 2018 00:01:59
Champions 00:01:59
Take It Slow 00:02:38
Year For Love 00:02:39
Nailah Blackman & Shenseea – Badishh 00:02:16
Kimmy – Vise Grip (Slow Service Riddim) _2018 Soca_ 00:01:12
Menace – Ben Ova (Slow Service Riddim) _2018 Soca_ 00:01:21
Peter Ram – Kan-Dou (Slow Service Riddim) _2018 Soca_ 00:01:48
Oseja Noble x Kernal Roberts – Overtime -2018 Soca- (Trinidad) 00:01:47
Its Time “2018 Soca” (Trinidad) 00:01:30
Two Clap 00:01:45
Skinny Fabulous – Money Wine 00:01:43
Patrice Roberts – What Yuh Come For 00:02:30
All Over De Gyal 00:02:54
Fuel (Ivory Coast Riddim) “2018 Soca” (GBM) 00:01:47
Bang Riddim [Intstrumental] 00:01:18
Sugarcane 00:01:18
Turn It Up 00:01:52
Freaky Girl 00:02:12
Screws – Soca Slide (Bang Riddim) _2018 Soca_ 00:02:17
Adrenaline Rush 00:02:50
Teddyson John – Melody 00:02:06
First Time (Official Promo Video) “2018 Soca” 00:01:38
Big Bad Soca ft shesha 00:02:16
Fay-Ann Lyons – Girls -2017 Soca- (Trinidad) 00:01:45
Non Stop Drinker [2015 Trinidad Soca] [Prod Monstapiece] [J2V] 00:01:48
Rikki Jai – Drink De Most Rum (Big Bean Riddim) _2018 Soca_ (Trinidad) 00:02:06
KO – Strong Rum _2018 Soca_ (St Kitts) 00:01:17
Rum King (Ah Just Start) 00:01:36
All Is Rum 00:01:59
King Bubba FM – Drunk Day (Cock Up Riddim) -2017 Soca- (Barbados Crop Over) 00:02:28
Ricardo Drue – Professional 2016 Soca #Professional 00:02:24
Blaxx – Hulk -2018 Soca- (Red Boyz Music)(Trinidad) 00:01:28
Machel Montano – Junction 00:01:14
5Star Akil – Go Go Dancer 00:01:35
Subance x Uncel Ellis 00:01:51
Bad in BumBum 00:02:28
SPLIT IN DI MIDDLE – Freezy [ Malay Way Riddim ]

#PhotoRecap BWF 9th Annual Grill Master Competition

On Saturday, April 14 Bahamas Welding & Fire hosted its 9th Annual Grill Master Competition. See the photo recap here.

Featured DJ: DJ Shutdown – Insomniac All Day Fete

Friday, May 4 the early warm-up kicks off with our Muski Entertainment family DJ Shutdown as he sets the tone for the Insomniac All Day Fete during Bahamas Carnival weekend.

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Featured DJ: DJ Supreme – Insomniac All Day Fete

Friday, May 4 get a sneak peek at  Euphoria Madness Mas Band, Bahamas Carnival road vibes as  DJ Supreme sets it off at the Insomniac All Day Fete at Celebrity Status Lounge and Bar, East Bay Street.

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Featured DJ: Freeze International – Insomniac All Day Fete

Check out Freeze International‘s Jamaica Carnival mix.  Are you ready to party with us during Bahamas Carnival Friday, May 4 during the All Day Fete?


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Inside The Festival Episode 3 – Kalik Light Platinum Presents #OneMas

On Friday, April 6 Kalik Light Platinum hosted its presentation of #OneMas Bahamas Carnival 2018 as the official Beer of Carnival. Take a look “Inside the Festival” with our team.

#PhotoRecap K.O Production Mask Fete by Presidente

April seems to be one long month of activities in the Bahamas as Bahamas Carnival nears. Saturday, April 7 K.O Production and Presidente Beer teamed up for one big bang in Pompey Square, downtown Nassau. Check out the photo recap of Mask Fete a Carnival Party presented by Presidente.

#PhotoRecap Kalik Light Platinum Presents #OneMas

On Friday, April 6 Kalik Light Platinum hosted its presentation of #OneMas as the official Beer of Bahamas Carnival.

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