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Explore multiple facets of Africa Allah. Media producer, Creative Manager, Technology Leader and DJ. 

Discover the sounds of her influences and share in her passion for music + culture.

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Island Gyal #beingAfricaAllah Vol20_12
Content is solid great interview overall. What I liked most was the depth of the interview. Wasn’t just the same generic question. I was impressed with the level of production skills and quality of the complete product. Nice introduction mix.
Africa Allah
Big up to Africa Allah for awesome music that is not only keeping up with the latest & best, but actually entertaining and refreshing to hear. As a person that loves all genres of music, I must say that she provides musical poetry that not only heals the soul, but gets the body moving. Thank's Africa Allah you're #1 in my book.
Christine Wilson
Last Leg | Get Familiar Friday 08.13.2021
The "Last Leg" show to me is a reminder of what I've learned about #beingAfricaAllah. And that is the show's mission to give listeners the sound of the new music from the latest and greatest alike. And yes, there is a great difference between hip hop and rap. You can hear it in the show. My favorite part of this show is the hip - hop, hitting music from New York. Fat Joe surprised me as always. And the show does what it always does, which is to force the listener to go and look for that particular artist or song if they really enjoyed the first verse and chorus until it transitions. It's engaging, and it gets the job done. It's a formula that Mixtress Africa Allah executes oh so well.
Lano The Sage
Artist | Creative

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"I couldn't imagine a world without music. It is the road map to our heritage, the embodiment of culture and the lifeline to our future. It is the expression of the people packaged in freedom."
Africa Allah
Content Producer

DistinctiveImpression MMG

PlayMas.Today a Distinctive Impression MMG company conceptualized by Africa Allah & T Harrigan

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