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#PhotoRecap Kalik Light Platinum Road March

One week to Bahamas Carnival. Kalik Light Platinum host its annual Warm Up Road March with free Kalik Light Platinum and all the road march essential.


#PhotoRecap -Survival Weekend “Glow Fete”

Survival Weekend  Glow Fete. Alpha Sounds host its annual Bahamas Carnival lead up event with performances by Lyrikal, Patrice Roberts, Shal Marshall, Voice, Benje and Patrice Murell.

3 Four Plus 2 DJ Bravo #Bahamas

DJ Bravo releases his annual birthday mixtape as a celebration of moments influenced by music.

Phoenix – Africa Allah

No matter what the universe throws your way you continue to rise out the ashes and redefine yourself.

#beingAfricaAllah Mixtress of “The Lime”.

Atlanta Carnival – ACE Weekend


The Brainchild of International Stephen, an ex Atlanta native that

started his professional DJ career in the city. “Atlanta Carnival

Experience” Weekend has instantly captured the hearts of the local

patrons. ACE is a diverse 5 day festival weekend with representation of

African & Caribbean Culture. A modern-day melting pot, that

highlights the strong roots from the vast majority of locals living in the

area and beyond.


The Lime $5 Series Live DJ Fresh #Bahamas

The Lime $5 Series kickoff event live mix by DJ Fresh Bahamas 

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